White Zane Mini Hexagon Tile Sample

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Zane is a unique beauty, made from recycled glass, crushed and compacted together into a heavily textured three dimensional pattern. This manufacturing process is known as Pate de Verre and creates depth to the tile for light to play across the surface. 

Sold with 13 Sheets per SQM

Tile Thickness 4 - 6mm
Individual Chip Size 24 x 48mm
Cushioned edge
Made of Made of Recycled Glass
Suggested Grout Colour Superfine White

Feels - Soft, smooth and sometimes described as silky
Looks - Minimal Colour Variation V2
Cleaning - Easy with no sealing required, Recycled Glass is not porous 

Suitable - For use on Walls and Floors
Suitable - For use Indoors and Outdoors

Note - Install this material with a diamond blade wet saw

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