Tan Ella Zellige Look Tile Sample

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Inspired by the traditional techniques of handmade Zellige tiles, Ella is a textural square beauty straight from Italy. Hand picked and curated by our Interior Designers as a must have, enjoy a range of incredible organic colours. 

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Tile Thickness 8.5mm
Individual Tile Size 100 x 100mm
Cushioned edge
Made of Porcelain
Suggested Grout Colour Superfine White

Feels - gloss with soft undulation and or organic rippling  
Looks - Medium to high Colour Variation V4
Cleaning - Easy with no sealing required

Suitable - For use on Walls and Floors
Suitable - For use Indoors and Outdoors
Suitable-  For use in a Sauna room, Ella can be tiled on the ceiling! 

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