Soudal Strong As Nails - Fix It Plus - Carton of 12

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Strong As Nails Fix It Plus

Solvent based, fibre re-inforced, ultra-high performance gap filling construction adhesive. High bond strength. Hand tight in 20mins. Re-inforced with fibres for increased end strength. Suitable for heavy-duty vertical and horizontal bonding applications, both inside and outside. Does not attack Polystyrene.

Features & Benefits
  • Fibre reinforced
  • Suitable for bonding on uneven surfaces.
  • Replaces nails and screws
  • Excellent adhesion on a wide range of construction materials both in interior and exterior applications
  • Water resistant
  • Suitable for bonding polystyrene
  • Suitable for the bonding of decorative materials, skirting boards, gypsum panels in vertical, horizontal and overhead applications.
  • Bonding of carpet grippers, edge strips and aluminium and uPVC stair nosing
  • Bonding of wall and floor boards, window frames and partitions
  • Suitable for solid fixing of materials like wood, synthetic materials, stone, wall tiles, metal on surfaces of concrete, stone, plasterwork, wood, chipboard etc.

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