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Soudaprim DP - 5L Carton of 4

: Primer


Soudaprim DP

Soudaprim DP is a polymer dispersion with a plasticizer, a flow controlling agent and preservation additives. It is fast-drying through water evaporation, ready to use and solvent free. The very fine particles making it a sealer, and its very low viscosity, give it a higher penetrating capacity compared to other primers. Soudaprim DP penetrates completely in the substrate, resulting in a higher cohesive strength of the latter. Once applied on a level surface and cured, it can be coated with a liquid membrane such as Soudagum LM or Soudaproof FX.

Features & Benefits
  • Soudaprim DP comes ‘ready to use’. Just stir thoroughly before use
  • High coverage
  • Deep penetration nano-particles
  • Solvent-free
  • Easy to apply
  • Fast application. Dry after appr. 1 hour
  • Strengthens substrate
  • Limits absorbtion by substrate
  • Binds dust

As a primer before application of a waterproofing membrane on indoor floor and wall surfaces that are porous or on absorbing mineral substrates such as concrete, cement, anhydrite, gypsum boards, etc…As a preliminary treatment on sandy or powdery substrates. Substrates should not be subject to constant immersion or rising damp. Possible applications are in bathrooms, shower cubicles, kitchens, laundry rooms.

100 mL per m² – 200 mL per m² in 1 layer.

To ensure that tiles are installed correctly, please consider using a tiling professional. All Natural Stone and Encaustic tiles should be sealed immediately after install.


To ensure long lasting, beautiful tapware, please do not use any chemical based or harsh cleaners. Also avoid any rough surface materials such as scourers, only use a soft cloth with warm soapy water.


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