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Sika® Problend Epoxy Grout Kit - White

: Epoxy Grout


Sika® Problend Epoxy Grout - A high performance 2 part tile adhesive and grout for applications that require chemical resistance and exceptional bond strength, with optimum stain resistance. 

Sika® Problend Epoxy Grout is a high performance, 2 Part, easy to apply, chemical resistant, epoxy tile adhesive and grout for heavy duty applications that require high bond strength, optimal stain resistance and superior performance. Sika® Problend Epoxy Grout is suitable for bonding all types of tile and stone on difficult substrates such a metals, swimming pools, commercial kitchens and breweries and application that require chemical protection. Sika® Problend Epoxy Grout can be used internal & externally and on both wall and floor applications Sika® Problend Epoxy Grout is suitable for grouting joints from 1mm to 10mm.


  • Exceptional bond strength
  • Exceptional flexural strength
  • Stain resistant
  • High chemical resistance
  • Easy to apply and clean
  • 2 Part easy to mix
  • Long pot life
  • joints from 1-10mm
  • UV Stable
  • Available in various colours
  • Marine application approved / Shipbuilding
  • Frost resistant
  • Low VOC


Sika® Problend Epoxy Grout USED AS A TILE & STONE ADHESIVE Suitable Tile Types include; Ceramic Tiles Porcelain Tiles Glass Tiles and Mosaics Agglomerates Natural Stone Moisture Sensitive Stone, including Serpentine Terrazzo Thin Brick Cement Tiles Resin backed tile & stone Suitable Substrates include; Concrete Compressed cement boards Fibre cement boards Masonry Metals such as Aluminium, and Steel* Laminate (internal only with mechanical preparation) Existing tiles *metals need to be clean and free from oils and contaminates. Sika® Problend Epoxy Grout USED AS A GROUT

  • Internal and external applications
  • Wall & floor applications
  • Joints requiring maximum stain protection
  • Joints requiring maximum chemical protection
  • Grouting moisture sensitive stone and agglomerates
  • Heavy duty applications that require chemical protection such as pools, commercial kitchens and laboratories, breweries and wet areas.
  • Heavy duty applications that require exceptional compressive strength such as vehicular traffic, Shopping centres and public high traffic areas.

Suitable Tile Types; Ceramic Tiles Porcelain Tiles Cement Terrazzo Agglomerates Moisture Sensitive Stone Glass Tiles & Mosaics


To ensure that tiles are installed correctly, please consider using a tiling professional. All Natural Stone and Encaustic tiles should be sealed immediately after install.


To ensure long lasting, beautiful tapware, please do not use any chemical based or harsh cleaners. Also avoid any rough surface materials such as scourers, only use a soft cloth with warm soapy water.


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