LANKO 173 Floor Leveller

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Lanko 173 Internal / External Floor Leveller is a cement based levelling compound for use over concrete sub-floors prior to the application of floor coverings. Lanko 173 Floor Leveller is ideal for repairing small holes, static cracks and depressions. It requires the addition of only potable water to achieve a highly fluid consistency producing a smooth, level, and hard surface. Lanko 173 Floor Leveller can be applied in multiple layers with each layer being no more than 25mm thick or can be economically extended with a graded aggregate to fill greater depths.


  • Used as subfloor underlayment
  • Compatible with many common used adhesives
  • Useful for repair in dry areas of structurally sound concrete subfloors
  • Ideal for repairing mall holes, static cracks and depression


Lanko 173 Floor Leveller is used to repair dry areas of structurally sound concrete subfloors.   Lanko 173  Floor Leveller is used as a subfloor underlayment prior to installation of carpet, tiles or other floor covering systems. It is compatible with commonly used adhesives and normally can receive floor coverings within hours of installation – please see Test Data below. Lanko 173 Floor Leveller is not a wearing surface and must be protected with a compatible topping, floor covering or coating. Lanko 173 is not suitable for use in permanently wet areas of immersion.

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