Eco Systems Prep N Prime

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ECO SYSTEMS® PREP "N" PRIME is a unique flexible water based primer specifically designed with advanced adhesion properties for use on existing tiles, smooth and non porous surfaces, including puddle flanges and pipe penetrations.

ECO SYSTEMS® PREP "N" PRIME is suitable for the priming of non porous substrates and difficult to adhere to substrates prior to the application of Ceramic tile, Porcelain, Stone and other Sika coatings. ECO SYSTEMS® PREP "N" PRIME is designed to bond to PVC pipe penetrations & puddle flanges, and metal floor drains / wastes. ECO SYSTEMS® PREP "N" PRIME can be used both internally and externally.

ECO SYSTEMS® PREP "N" PRIME enables the ability to tile over difficult, non porous surfaces without the need for mechanical surface preparation. Fast drying formulation allows for installation of tiles 1 hour after application. • No Mixing - single component. • No wastage. • Low VOC • Non flammable and non hazardous • Internal/ External applications • Easy application with brush or roller • Dries to a keyed finish • Excellent alternative to mechanical grinding and acid etching surfaces

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