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Bostik V70 Structural Glazing Silicone Carton of 15

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V70 Structural Glazing Silicone - High performance architectural grade structural glazing silicone

Bostik V70 is a high performance architectural grade structural glazing silicone. One component, non flowing, Neutral cure, High modulus sealant. It cures by absorption of atmospheric moisture to form a flexible and durable elastomeric sealant.

Key Features

  • Excellent UV stability
  • Long life reliability

Recommended Uses

  • Structurally glazed curtain wall systems
  • Two and Four sided structural glazing
  • Fin glazing
  • Non Structural Glazing applications
  • Building weather seal 
  • Toughened Glass assemblies
  • Automotive Glazing
  • Adhering of composite panels
  • Stiffener for metal panels application

Product Details

  • Bostik V70 silicone sealant meets the currently accepted engineering standards for structural glazing. 
  • This high strength silicone sealant has very good unprimed adhesion properties, to a broad range of building substrates.* (Substrate testing must always be carried out first). 
  • These features make this product a very good reliable structural adhesive sealant for both the Construction and Industrial industries.
  • The thixotropic nature of this product ensures that it will not slump in typical construction joints.
  • Excellent UV stability
  • Long life reliability
  • Bostik V70 has excellent natural ageing stability. It will maintain its elastomeric structural joint sealant properties permanently, even under harsh conditions and temperature extremes.

To ensure that tiles are installed correctly, please consider using a tiling professional. All Natural Stone and Encaustic tiles should be sealed immediately after install.


To ensure long lasting, beautiful tapware, please do not use any chemical based or harsh cleaners. Also avoid any rough surface materials such as scourers, only use a soft cloth with warm soapy water.


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