Bostik Prime Grip

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Bostik Prime Grip - Specifically designed to improve bonding onto impervious substrates

A new generation of one component universal ready to use solvent free primer and adhesion promoter specifically designed to improve bonding onto impervious substrates. Bostik Prime Grip Non-Porous Primer provides high strength film over non-porous surfaces that will allow bonding of cementitious products such as levelling compounds, tiling, render, etc.

Key Features

  • Dries within 1-2 hours at 22°C / 50% RH 
  • Odourless. Can be used in all types of locations
  • No need to grind or etch surfaces

Recommended Uses

Prime over residues of old acrylic, alcohol or bituminous adhesives, cover old flooring paintings after priming, tiling or adhering hardwood over Bostik Moisture Seal (moisture and vapour barrier). Prime Grip allows application of new tiles over old & crunchy vinyl tiles, and is designed for residential and commercial projects. 

Product Details

  • Milky beige solution that dries clear
  • Solvent free
  • One part system; ready to use
  • Brush or roller applied
  • 10 – 12.5 m2 / coat per 1 kg
  • Suitable primer for hardwood flooring after application of Bostik Moisture Seal
  • Apply before tiling over existing tiles

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