Bostik Conflex -Designed for demanding or high traffic applications

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Conflex - Designed for demanding or high traffic applications 

Conflex is a great all-rounder when it comes to adhesive for tiles. It is a premium rubber-modified tile adhesive designed for demanding or high traffic applications. 

Key Features

  • Rubber modified formulation
  • All round use for bathroom, kitchen and general renovations of floors and walls
  • For use in residential or commercial applications

Recommended Uses

Conflex can be used to tile bathrooms, kitchens, living areas or other general internal applications, and is suitable for commercial and tile-on-tile installations. For best performance, surfaces must be primed with an appropriate Bostik primer such as Prime Grip for non-porous substrates, Multiprime for porous substrates and Specialist Primer when priming over Dampfix PU waterproofing membrane.

Finish your tiling masterpiece with the Bostik Design two-part epoxy grout to really leaving a long lasting perfect impression.

Product Details

  • Conflex is a great all round tile adhesive, perfect for concrete, rendered bricks, green screed, plasterboard and more
  • Rated as a C2S1TE – can be used in demanding and high traffic situations
  • Tiling in either residential or commercial areas? Use Conflex for a reliable stick, every time
  • Conflex’s rubber modified formulation can be used in internal and external areas, on floors or walls
  • If you are concerned about rising damp or don’t have time for the slab to fully cure before tiling, prepare the substrate with Bostik’s epoxy floor coating, Moisture Seal

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