StateEstimated Delivery Times (EDT)
7-15 business days
7-15 business days
9-15 business days
ACT9-12 business days
WA12-20 business days
NT12-20 business days
TAS12-20 business days
SA12-20 business days

All costs are calculated at checkout based on your location and the weight of your order.
All delivery costs include a tailgate delivery fee, fuel levies and other fees charged by the delivery company.

FREE SHIPPING : Applies to Tapware, Accessories.
DELIVERY TIMES : Estimated Delivery Times. These timeframes are given as a guide only.

PICK UP : Is free, we can hold your product for up to 30 days. Pick up from our warehouse at 3/135 Russell Street, Emu Plains, NSW, 2750.

CUSTOM ITEMS : Marquis Vanities are custom made to order items, which takes seven to nine weeks in manufacturing. Please allow for the specified seven to nine weeks plus our addition delivery lead time based on your location. 

NOTE : Please note that we will be in contact with a Shipping Number once your order is ready to be dispatched from our warehouse. This Shipping Number will include tracking to your provided delivery address. All deliveries are made in the appropriate location, this will be on the curbside or driveway of the property. Failed delivery attempts can occur when there the purchaser has turned away the delivery or is unable to sign for the delivery. If failed delivery attempts occur, additional fees will be passed onto the purchaser for a
re-delivery. If you are unable to sign for an order or need a White-glove Delivery Service (hand unloaded past curbside or driveway of the property), please do not hesitate to let us know. One of team will be in touch to quote you on the appropriate delivery charge. 

We want you to be satisfied with your brand new tiles. HOWEVER we need you to ensure that this particular tile delivery is exactly what you ordered! In unforeseen circumstances you may receive something that may not be quite perfect and we need to be aware of it for our continuous quality control. We pride ourselves on our service to you. Please check the tiles that have been delivered as soon as possible. We will not accept any claims for replacement, repair or reimbursement once tiles have been laid if that claim is for defects, size, tile shade variation or anything that should reasonably have been obvious before laying commenced. It is the responsibility of the tiler, builder or homeowner to check the tiles before laying them. If there is any concern regarding quality, size, colour, shade or condition of the batch on site, the tiles must NOT be laid. If a defect is discovered while tiles are being MUST STOP immediately and you should contact Tile and Bath Co to report any issues to avoid any delays in tiling your project. Batch Number on each box must be the same on every box, unless you have previously accepted a mixed batch which would have been in writing by the Tile and Bath co/ The Buyer.