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Blue Penelope Terrazzo Look Tile - Tile and Bath CoBlue Penelope Terrazzo Look Tile - Tile and Bath Co
Pink Theo Terrazzo Look Tile - Tile and Bath CoPink Theo Terrazzo Look Tile - Tile and Bath Co
Charcoal Theo Terrazzo Look Tile - Tile and Bath CoCharcoal Theo Terrazzo Look Tile - Tile and Bath Co
Blue Theo Terrazzo Look Tile - Tile and Bath CoBlue Theo Terrazzo Look Tile - Tile and Bath Co
White Theo Terrazzo Look Tile - Tile and Bath CoWhite Theo Terrazzo Look Tile - Tile and Bath Co
White Lucy Terrazzo Look Tile - Tile and Bath CoWhite Lucy Terrazzo Look Tile - Tile and Bath Co
Ash Lucy Terrazzo Look Tile - Tile and Bath CoAsh Lucy Terrazzo Look Tile - Tile and Bath Co
Ash Lucy Terrazzo Look Tile
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Ivory Parkes Terrazzo Look Tile - Tile and Bath CoIvory Parkes Terrazzo Look Tile - Tile and Bath Co
Grey Parkes Terrazzo Look Tile - Tile and Bath CoGrey Parkes Terrazzo Look Tile - Tile and Bath Co
Charcoal Parkes Terrazzo Look Tile - Tile and Bath CoCharcoal Parkes Terrazzo Look Tile - Tile and Bath Co

At Tile and Bath Co., each collection is selected with modern home style in mind. Our designers stay informed of contemporary design trends. Terrazzo look tiles are popular materials in home improvement projects right now.

Our design team has created a collection of terrazzo tiles to help you achieve the terrazzo look. Bring a pop of vintage colour or a sleek, smooth surface with our assembly of terrazzo tiles in Sydney.

They are the right piece of indoor and outdoor design aesthetic you should not miss; it complements existing textures and colours to give your space a sleek and timeless character.


What are Terrazzo Tiles?

Real terrazzo has been a choice material in construction for thousands of years. However, the terrazzo look has recently begun to make a significant comeback. Terrazzo look tiles peaked in popularity during the 1920s, again in the 1980s, and are beginning to rise today.

They are are created out of a composite material. A composite material is the use of two or more substances that become another material when combined. In tiles terrazzo, an expensive tile such as granite, marble, or quartz is combined to create the look.

In the past, terrazzo slabs were more common than tiles. Slabs were created by placing a thin layer of marble pebbles into a concrete mixture to create a terrazzo pebble. Once dry, the compounds were polished into an elegant terrazzo pebble, creating a smooth and sleek design look to your interior space.

Terrazzo tiles Sydney are created with a slightly different process. Terrazzo look tiles in Australia are made with chips of the stone chosen for the desired finish. Once the chips have been selected, they are mixed with a durable epoxy resin and poured into prefabricated tile moulds. Once the mixture dries, you have natural terrazzo tiles with a smooth surface for use in elevating the design game of your home.

Their design process makes them an extremely versatile option to fit any space. Terrazzo look tiles come in different sizes, shapes, colours, and materials, allowing you to customise your terrazzo tiles to fit your interior design style.


Many Uses for Terrazzo Tiles

Terrazzo tiles can be used across different spaces in your home, whether on your floor, kitchen, or bathroom walls. They have you covered. At Tile & Bath Co, we provide a wide range of terrazzo styles to choose from for your art décor. Porcelain terrazzo look tiles are among our leading terrazzo products to choose from at our store. We also offer different sizes, colours, finishes and materials - you will be spoilt of choice with our vast collection.

Terrazzo tiles are ideal for flooring. They can be used to replicate a classic, sleek and timeless look on your floor. Terrazzo floor tiles in Australia are a trending design material you should give a try; porcelain terrazzo look tiles will provide you with a great look that will last for a more extended period.

At Tile & Bath Co, there are several options for you to choose from, explore a more comprehensive selection of our Italian-inspired terrazzo tiles, and give your interior art décor a pop-up and unique design character.


Indoor Design

Terrazzo tiles can lighten up your interior design in an effortless and yet stylish and modern way. Whether you choose to use terrazzo slabs or tiles for your flooring, your bathroom, or even for your kitchen, these tiles will be worth your while.

Terrazzo tiles can be used as a splashback for your bathroom or kitchen, they're ideal for any bathroom & kitchen setting and design. Installing and customising porcelain tiles by hiring a professional technician will enormously add some intriguing texture to your bathroom floor.

It is possible to use them in a bathroom to recreate a classic, fresh and timeless look in your bathroom space.

Terrazzo tiles can support existing textures in your kitchen and living room space. If you are looking to breathe life into areas with textural elements with a minor character in your play, then terrazzo flooring tiles is a great and effective way to do so.

They can highlight different elements in your indoor space, allowing them to emerge, creating and attracting design character.


Outdoor Design

Terrazzo outdoor application is limitless. Terrazzo look tiles is perfectly suitable as an outdoor product because of their resistance to excessive force and water. Its durability is unquestionable, and for this reason, they will make your outdoor space lively for an extended period.

Stretch your design creativity to a higher level with terrazzo look tiles on your outdoor spaces. The tiles can be installed in swimming pool areas, open-air verandas, and outdoor parkways or pavers. Terrazzo provides you with a smooth surface and a shiny look, especially when it comes in contact with the sun; it transforms the looks and feels of your outdoor space.

Terrazzo products are resistant to any bacteria that may grow on them. This trait makes it ideal for installation at the benchtop and countertop for your barbecue area, giving it an inviting and clean look. Terrazzo floor tiles on your pool area provide you with an anti-slip benefit while also providing a clean, mould-free environment under your feet.

Terrazzo outdoor tiles have the potential to give your exterior a beautiful look while allowing you to have your space look more classy and timeless for a longer time. Terrazzo's strength and durability are what makes it an incredible outdoor design aesthetic.


Terrazzo Tile Installation

When installing terrazzo tiles instead of using terrazzo slab, the goal is always to replicate the look of slab terrazzo by putting the tiles against each other. The installation process of the tiles is relatively easy, and one can DIY with minimal or even no assistance from a professional.

Whether you are using large terrazzo or small terrazzo tiles, the installation process is simple and easy to follow in any space. Start by obtaining the measurements of the area, establish the measures from the edge, follow this step with dry-laying all your tiles while marking all the tiles which need to be cut to fit.

Please cut the tiles on the edge that you marked to fit perfectly, proceed with applying the wet adhesive to the surface, and spread it evenly. Proceed to place each tile according to how you had laid them initially, and press gently to stick or use the floor roller once you are done applying all the tiles to compress them further.

In collaboration with technicians at our store, you will acquire a suitable sealer for your terrazzo tiles. After you finished laying down and compressing your tiles, give them a 12-hour resting period for the adhesive to dry, and then apply the sealer and finally clean any remains by sweeping or light mopping the space to ensure it's clean.

Generally, installation is easy with the guides you will receive when purchasing tiles from our store. Please log on to our website to review a range of terrazzo tiles in our store, select products that meet your needs, and add them to your shopping cart. Remember to provide all the information we require to plan for the delivery of your order.


Benefits of a Terrazzo Tile

There are several benefits you will accrue when you install terrazzo in your home. The following are the benefits of a terrazzo tile you will enjoy;



There is no doubt about terrazzo's tiles' durability; they can last longer than the other parts of the building. Different materials in your house can require repairs within a short period, but this should not be the case with terrazzo tiles and products at our store.

Terrazzo tiles and products are often seen used in airports, schools, hospitals, and even malls. Even with the subjection of too much pressure, which can be the case with busy airports, schools, or even hospitals, terrazzo tiles have the strength to withstand this while maintaining an elegant look.


Less Replacement and Maintenance Cost

Terrazzo tiles can be costly from the onset, but once they are fully installed in your space, you will not have to worry about early replacement or maintenance costs. Due to its ability to withstand immense pressure, terrazzo will likely last longer, saving you replacement costs.


Incredible Design Capability

Terrazzo tiles, with their impeccable quality, have the potential and capacity to transform your home enormously. Architects and interior designers working on your property have a lot of options when it comes to installing terrazzo in your interior space.

At Tile & Bath Co, our terrazzo tiles cater to any design at an affordable price. Whether you want to create excellent and popping flooring tiling, countertops, shower stalls, or even stairs, terrazzo tiles' uses are limitless and should solve all your design needs.


Environmentally Safe

Since its inception in the 15 century, terrazzo tiles and products have been known as the greenway to flooring and enhancing your interior decor. Our terrazzo tiles are made from materials that are safe to your environment and generally to your household.

At Tile & Bath Co, we strive to provide you with tiles made from renewable materials, free from any volatile organic compound. Terrazzo tiles have the potential to allow you to achieve sustainable building design while enhancing your design style.


Impenetrable Surfaces

The ability to resist any water, oil, and chemical spillage is what makes terrazzo tiles incredibly significant for your interior and exterior space. Apart from being resistant to corrosive chemicals, terrazzo is also anti-slippery, contrary to their misconceptions.

Anti-slippery makes it ideal for swimming pool floors because of its character and style to your swimming pool environment in general.


Terrazzo Tiles Maintenance

Terrazzo tiles' cost can be a little bit on the high side, which is a good reason as to why you should be keen on maintaining them well in your interior and exterior space. While some terrazzo tiles may require sealers to achieve a glossy look, most of our tiles at Tile & Bath Co are well polished and ready for use with minimal need for sealers.

However, terrazzo tiles in high-traffic locations need regular sealing to maintain their sleek and beautiful look. Terrazzo tiles in residential space, mainly indoor, should be easy to maintain; just place a floor mat both on the entrance and exits to reduce the pressure applied on your terrazzo floor tiles.

Depending on the colour of your terrazzo, regularly cleaning is necessary to maintain the clean and sleek look of your tiles. White terrazzo tiles, for instance, demand regular cleaning to avoid any dull look which affects the character of other textural elements in your space.

Coffee stains, wine, or spilling when left to dry can affect the look of the tiles. When cleaning such stains, please use cleaning products with neutral PH to avoid any detrimental effects on your tiles. In such a case, apply the neutral cleaners on the surface and dissolve for several minutes before vacuum cleaning or mop it to achieve a sleek look.

Terrazzo tiles come with different cleaning instructions; please read the information on your manual to understand the cleaning routine and the correct type of products recommended for use in such a case.

Cleaning and maintenance of terrazzo tiles is not an intricate process. With the exemplary commitment to the process, you will enjoy the durability of these tiles and the design character it evokes in your indoor and outdoor styles.

Regardless of your postcode, Tile & Bath Co is the company you should rely on when shopping for terrazzo tiles online in Australia. We have most of the terrazzo tiles, herringbone tiles and subway tiles you need for your space at the most competitive prices in the market. We also have all your complimentary tapware needs, in-stock at competitive prices. Fill in all the details and your address in your account to enjoy our seamless shipping services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are our terrazzo tiles expensive

Terrazzo tiles are relatively expensive compared to other flooring tiles; the price of these tiles starts from $30 to $90 per square foot, depending on the material and the brand of the terrazzo tiles.

Is terrazzo more expensive than tile?

Terrazzo tile is indeed expensive compared to a ceramic tile, for instance, but generally, the cost of terrazzo tile justifies itself because of the myriad of benefits it provides.

Do terrazzo tiles need sealing?

Because they are created using a composition of chips of marble, glass among other materials, most terrazzo tiles need sealants to protect the integrity and the tile's resistance for a more extended period.

Are terrazzo tiles ceramic?

No ceramic tiles are made of clay, while terrazzo tiles are made from chips, marble, glass, among other compositions. Based on the materials, ceramic tiles are cheaper than terrazzo tiles, and therefore, terrazzo tiles cannot be ceramic because of how they are made.

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