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Tapware Range

Tapware Range

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Kitchen and bathroom decor cannot be complete without considering a vital piece likely to transform your kitchen and bathroom space entirely. Tapware is among bathroom accessories that you might overlook, but this piece of interior design can blend in with other styles across your kitchen and bathroom.

The task of choosing the right tapware that compliments your style and tiling pattern can be daunting. However, at Tile & Bath Co, we have tapware of different materials, sizes, and colours for all your tapware needs in Australia.

The right tapware has the potential to transform your space from a dull to a fab mood instantly when you are knowledgeable with the designs, materials, sizes, shapes, and colours you are looking for in kitchen and shower tapware.

Types of Tapware Materials

There are several types of tapware to choose from for either kitchen and bath tapware. The following materials are the most common and popular tapware materials to choose from;

Chrome Tapware

Chrome tapware is by far the most popular and trending tapware material in the tapware space. It has the potential to give your kitchen and bathroom a classic and timeless look. Besides, Chrome tapware is easy to clean and maintain, and you can easily wipe any fingerprints off them.

Chrome tapware is more prevalent in Melbourne, not only because of its traditional and classic look but even with its minimal presence; they are capable of transforming your home to another level design-wise. Additionally, chrome tapware is among the tapware options that will last for a longer period because it can withstand any corrosion or external pressures.

Matte Black Tapware

Matte black tapware is among the tapware categories to choose from to give your baths a sleek and contemporary finish. Matte black tapware complements and blends well with patterns and neutral colours present in your space.

The kitchen tapware and bathroom taps should have an elegant finishing touch with matte black tapware from tapware Sydney. Unlike chrome- and stainless-steel tapware, the matte black tapware can resist watermarks and fingerprints marks, making it look sleeker.

This type of tapware is very affordable and attracts your eyes to explore and appreciate the overall design style in a room while making a bold interior design statement.

Brass Tapware

Brass tapware has been around for a long time, but recently it gained more traction in bathroom tapware, basin tapware and kitchen tapware space. Brass tapware Australia is the perfect choice if you are looking at developing earthy designs. Brass tapware complements natural colour tones, giving a warm finishing touch to your bathroom.

At Tile & Bath Co, we provide different brass tapware ideal for basin mixers, laundry mixers, ceiling showers, among other uses. At our store, you will find brass tapware of various sizes, colours, categories and with different water capacities per minute, depending on your needs.

Whether using brass tapware as shower tapware or for bath tapware, it is prudent to be mindful of existing interior decor in your bathroom and kitchen to avoid deviating from it and failing to achieve that sleek look and style.

Copper & Bronze Tapware

Copper tapware is extraordinarily exquisite and can help you make a quality statement in your bathroom tapware, shower mixers and basin tapware. Copper tapware has antibacterial properties, which allow it to look polished, even if scratched. The downside of copper tapware has to be its cost; it can be pricey.

Bronze tapware, just like copper tapware, is costly, and if not maintained and cleaned regularly, it gets tarnished, which can be detrimental to your overall design style.

Both copper and bronze tapware compliment tile patterns such as terrazzo tiles, herringbone tiles and subway tiles.

Brushed Tapware

Brushed tapware is an excellent alternative to chrome tapware because it has a modern look and blends well with existing patterns and colours within your bathroom and kitchen laundry section.

Maintenance of brushed nickel tapware is easy because its brushed finishes, like matte finishes, make it resistant to fingerprint marks or watermarks.

How to Choose Tapware

Choosing the right tapware cannot only be worth the cost, but you will experience the benefits of such an aesthetic transforming your bathroom and kitchen style tremendously. Therefore, being aware of the shapes, colours, sizes, materials, and different traits of the tapware you need in your space is an excellent place to start.

The following considerations will come in handy when you go shopping for tapware accessories:

Space and Conditions

Space and the conditions, such as where the tapware will be installed in your bathroom, play an essential role in installing your choice of tapware. Understanding the intended use of tapware is an excellent factor to consider when choosing a tapware range in Sydney.

Mixer tapware is easy to use and clean; this is ideal for a busy environment like a big family. Basin mixer tapware is beneficial because it can uniformly mix or blend hot and cold water and release that through one spout, contrary to the traditional taps where hot and cold spouts were kept separate.

If you need the convenience of mixer tapware, you will find our mixer tapware loved by customers excellent and befitting. Mixer tapware is also ideal for use as laundry tapware, either for kitchen laundry or a bath; with a mixer tapware, you are on the path to experiencing the magic of quality tapware in your space.

Whether you need tapware online for your kitchen, bathroom, laundry, shower, or toilet spaces, then Tile & Bath Co is the store for you. Please browse through our tapware categories, and check out different descriptions to place an order of your preferred tapware.

If you are looking for tapware for your laundry purposes, water efficiency labelling is a top priority. Tile & Bath Co provides tapware with minimum water capacity, starting from 6.5 litres per minute to 10.5 litres per minute. Whether you are using a washing machine, bathtub, or bath spouts, water-saving will not be a problem with our wide range of tapware.

Tapware Materials

Tapware materials, though it dictates the price of tapware accessories you are looking to purchase, are a vital factor to consider when shopping for tapware. Stainless steel tapware is easy to clean and maintain and also durable. If the idea of tapware being resistant to watermarks and fingerprints excites you, then stainless steel tapware should be the choice to go for in tapware products.

Classic chrome tapware is also a great choice if you need to create a classy, yet timeless, style in your kitchen and bathroom space. Chrome tapware matches with various interior designs, especially the classic subway tile pattern, and seamlessly fits with different textures in your room.

The Tile & Bath Co tapware brass range comes with different brands and colours like black tapware, brass, bronze, and brushed brass tapware, among others. The interior design inspiration you have in mind for your upcoming DIY project can become a reality with our wide range of brass tapware, which will give your space an elegant look.

Brass tapware has patina. When this type of tapware continues to age, it changes its character over time in a way that blends and brings out the rest of the designs used within your space.

Matte black tapware is also another intriguing material to consider if you need a sophisticated look and are keen on making a bold design statement in your interior space. Just like stainless steel tapware and chrome tapware, it can resist watermarks and fingerprints, giving you that sleek at all times.

It is a good idea to be aware of different tapware materials and their respective benefits. Additionally, go through customers reviews and check out the star ratings for additional materials on our site; this will come in handy when choosing the tapware that suits your style and needs.

Style Consistency

Shower mixers, taps, wall mixers, among tapware accessories you choose for your space, should be considered based on their ability to blend in with existing design styles in those respective spaces. The best way to achieve consistency with tapware and the current design is to match tapware, basins, and baths to create an eye-catching look throughout your home.

Above the counter, basins mounted on the top of a vanity pop up when matched with a wall mixer or tower basin mixers. Additionally, depending on the size of your basin, the tapware should be able to match that up. A large basin matched with slightly petite tapware will make the tapware seem out of place.

Considering factors like the existing pattern and colour of your interior design is also essential. Whether you decide to go for gold tapware, matte black, or brushed brass tapware, among others, this decision should be made considering existing patterns and colour designs within your space.

Discover how you can transform your kitchen, bathroom, and toilet spaces with our quality tapware. There is a brand for every need, and we guarantee you items that will elevate your interior game while creating a breath-taking ambience in your kitchen, room, and bathroom.

How to Purchase Tapware Online

Tile & Bath Co provides the most seamless and stress-free online shopping experience. The process will only take a couple of minutes when you already know what brand you are looking to buy from, the category, and the price range of all the tapware you need for the upcoming kitchen and bathroom transformation in your home.

At our store, we guarantee you different tapware items and top-grade service. Please log on to your account at our online store, and filter through our tapware products displayed on our website to select the right tapware accessories you need for your space. Add the items you need to the shopping cart and proceed to check out while remembering to provide your email address and your physical address for an easy delivery plan.

The best part about our tapware accessories sales at our store is that we provide a free delivery service for all tapware accessories. Shipping takes 7-14 business days, but you will not pay for the delivery of any tapware accessories you shop in our store.

Tapware Installation

Tapware accessories like tiles are easy to install, and you can DIY to replicate a classic or incorporate a contemporary look on your kitchen or bathroom. Tapware accessories at Tile & Bath Co come with installation guidelines. These guidelines make it easy for you to proceed with your installation process, primarily DIY.

However, despite being a seamless process to install tapware accessories, there are other taps styles, which will require you to hire a professional plumber to help you with the installation process. Wall-mounted taps, for instance, are complicated in their installation and need the right fittings with the existing piping system, and this is a task a plumber should execute to achieve the best result.

Floor mounted taps require you to hire a professional plumber too to ensure that you install all the tapware accessories correctly to avoid any faulty fittings, which might result in leakages and eventually damages to your space.

Depending on the style and type of tapware accessories you purchase, you can either DIY or hire a qualified plumber for the installation process.

How to Clean and Maintain Tapware

Basin mixer, basin tapware, bathroom tapware, and taps, among other tapware accessories in your space, are easy to maintain and clean to enhance their durability. Tapware can gather different dirt during its usage, especially in a home with a big family. The tap knobs could collect a lot of stains due to frequent touching. It is prudent to use vinegar or dish soap to constantly wipe these stains away to keep your taps looking sleek and shiny.

Limescale and calcium corrosion may affect the quality of your taps function; tapware can be cleaned with a mixture of vinegar and warm water. Generally, tapware require less maintenance work but regular cleaning and being on the lookout for stains should keep your tapware clean and free from any damaging corrosion.

However, metal tapware is reactive to abrasive cleaning products, and you should be aware of this to avoid causing any more damage or tarnishing. Metal tapware such as brass, copper, or bronze has complex finishes that react negatively with abrasive products.

Please subscribe to our newsletter to receive more details and updates regarding our tapware collection and any upcoming additions in this category. Remember to give us a five-star rating once you receive the tapware products you plan to order.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best brand of Tapware?

Depending on customer reviews and the quality provision, the following are the top tapware brands in Australia; Caroma, Nero tapware, Bastow, Dorf, flexispray, Methven, and Novelli.

What is a Tapware?

Tapware refers to accessories used in your personal space with your room; these spaces are kitchens and bathrooms. Tapware includes taps of all kinds and materials used to dispense water in your sink, bathtub, or shower.

How do I choose bathroom tapware?

The most important tip when choosing bathroom tapware is the size of your basin; picking the right size of tapware will enable you to create a perfect symphony with your basin size and existing pattern and style in your bathroom. Water efficiency labelling on your tapware is a consideration since a lot of water usage goes in the toilet. Pick the tapware that can allow the use of water sparingly.

What are the best quality basin taps?

Depending on the size of your bathroom basin and where it is mounted, brass tapware, stainless steel, matte black tapware, as well as chrome tapware is the ideal choice for basin taps. However, to maintain consistency in style, ensure your basin size is proportional to the size of taps you choose.

Metal tapware like bronze, brass, and copper give you that sleek look, and even when it ages, it turns its character in a befitting way with the existing style.

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