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White Bella Subway TileWhite Bella Subway Tile
White Bella Subway Tile
Sale priceFrom $36.00 Regular price$40.00
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White Vermeer Subway TileWhite Vermeer Subway Tile
White Vermeer Subway Tile
Sale price$99.00
Picket Fence Farmhouse BrickPicket Fence Farmhouse Brick
Picket Fence Farmhouse Brick
Sale price$110.00
Brown Brooke Subway TileBrown Brooke Subway Tile
Brown Brooke Subway Tile
Sale price$55.00
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Navy Blue Bella Subway TileNavy Blue Bella Subway Tile
Navy Blue Bella Subway Tile
Sale price$40.00
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Dark Grey Bella Subway TileDark Grey Bella Subway Tile
Dark Grey Bella Subway Tile
Sale price$38.00
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Light Grey Bella Subway TileLight Grey Bella Subway Tile
Light Grey Bella Subway Tile
Sale priceFrom $38.00
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Off White Bella Subway TileOff White Bella Subway Tile
Off White Bella Subway Tile
Sale price$36.00
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Pale Blue Bella Subway TilePale Blue Bella Subway Tile
Pale Blue Bella Subway Tile
Sale price$38.00 Regular price$42.00
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Pastel Pink Bella Subway TilePastel Pink Bella Subway Tile
Pastel Pink Bella Subway Tile
Sale price$38.00 Regular price$42.00
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Dark Grey Brooke Subway TileDark Grey Brooke Subway Tile
Dark Grey Brooke Subway Tile
Sale price$58.00 Regular price$62.00
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Ivory Brooke Subway TileIvory Brooke Subway Tile
Ivory Brooke Subway Tile
Sale price$48.00 Regular price$58.00
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White Brooke Subway TileWhite Brooke Subway Tile
White Brooke Subway Tile
Sale price$49.90 Regular price$55.00
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Savannah Brickart TileSavannah Brickart Tile
Savannah Brickart Tile
Sale price$145.00
Black Brickart TileBlack Brickart Tile
Black Brickart Tile
Sale price$145.00
Cotton Brickart TileCotton Brickart Tile
Cotton Brickart Tile
Sale price$145.00
Clay Brickart TileClay Brickart Tile
Clay Brickart Tile
Sale price$145.00
Silver Brickart TileSilver Brickart Tile
Silver Brickart Tile
Sale price$145.00
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Cornflower Blue Brickart TileCornflower Blue Brickart Tile
Cornflower Blue Brickart Tile
Sale price$145.00
Vanilla Brickart TileVanilla Brickart Tile
Vanilla Brickart Tile
Sale price$145.00
Sky Blue Brickart TileSky Blue Brickart Tile
Sky Blue Brickart Tile
Sale price$145.00
Blue Chroma Subway TileBlue Chroma Subway Tile
Blue Chroma Subway Tile
Sale price$142.90
Black Chroma Subway TileBlack Chroma Subway Tile
Black Chroma Subway Tile
Sale price$142.90
Grey Chroma Subway TileGrey Chroma Subway Tile
Grey Chroma Subway Tile
Sale price$142.90

Subway tiles have gained a lot of traction since coming into the limelight in subway stations in the '90s, and it is tremendously appreciated and used in different urban homes today. Our designers have not been left behind at Tile & Bath Co; they have reimagined subway tiles to bring you different dimensions, patterns and colours, befitting your tile needs for your kitchen or bathroom decor.

Subway tiles for your bathroom or kitchen will not only give you a clean and classy look, but these tiles guarantee you a timeless look, able to withstand the trends and innovations in the kitchen and bathroom tiles space. Because of this clean and hygienic look, subway tiles' popularity continues to increase significantly.

Subway tiles are present in different urban homes today; interior designers are obsessed with using them to elevate their interior design decor for their clients' kitchens and bathrooms. Subway tiles are a timeless element that you should give a try in your indoor space.

What is a subway tile?

A subway tile is a rectangular tile, which initially was 3 by 6 inches (7.62 by 15.24 cm) and placed on a surface at a 50% offset. Designers have remodelled these dimensions consistently to fit different clients' needs over time. Our designers have created other subway tiles in Sydney to ensure that at Tile & Bath Co, you get the right size and colour of subway tiles when you need them.

Today, Tile & Bath Co's subway tiles come in different dimensions, from 150 by 150 to 76 by 300 cm. Subway tiles Australia is always designed with clients' needs in mind and enable them to enjoy the incredible performance of subway tiles in their homes.

The Origin of Subway Tiles

In 1904, designers Christopher Grand La Farge and George C. Heins were trusted to design a wall for the underground New York's subway system.

It was inspired by the urge to develop a surface that could be convenient to clean, creating a friendly and appealing character for city-dwellers using the subway system for the first time.

The result was curved edge tiles with a bright and clean look, famously known as Subway tiles. The two designers found inspiration from the Victorian era's obsession with tidiness and clean surfaces. Subway tiles perfectly fit for use as wall tiles because they are glossy, hardy to stains, and easy to clean, gaining appreciation as both intriguing and sparkling tiles to cover the subway system.

Eventually, subway tile became popular because of its practical traits, and its usage extended to kitchens and bathrooms. Contemporary designers find subway tiles the most suitable choice for kitchens and bathrooms for urban homes today. Subway tiles having an inherent timeless trait has led to the creation of simplistic yet impactful designs. For this reason, subway tiles are likely to be appreciated and used for an extended period.

From Underground to Urban Homes

Subway tile was designed initially for the New York subway station. Still, its traits aforementioned, like resistance to stains, easy to clean and durability, created an immense demand for subway tiles in residential homes. Subway tiles have been subjected to several redesigns due to more demand for urban homes usage. Initially, subway tiles came in a ratio of 2:1, but subway tiles today have been formatted into several small dimensions. Subway tiles in Perth have taken this trajectory to cater to all customers and their unique needs.

Due to customers' ever-growing demand and unique needs, designers have formatted subway tiles into different sizes or much tinier rectangular shapes and modified them into different colours. You can access grey, black, brown, green, caramel, and other colours at Tile & Bath Co. Our tiles are available in different sizes; we assure you that any size you need is accessible in our store.

Subway tiles in Australia allow you to give your bathroom, kitchen, and generally, your interior design a glossy finish or matte look, which not only last long but adds some great touch to your indoor style.

Despite gaining more traction in the urban homes architecture and interior design, subway tiles are not ideal for use in country kitchens or bathrooms because they do not compliment or fit the style of country homes architecture.

Subway Tile Materials

Originally Subway tiles of the subway station in New York were made using ceramic materials. Ceramic tiles can tolerate the ever-changing weather patterns, humidity issues, and other factors, evident from the New York subway system.

Ceramic tiles make it easy to clean, resistant to stains. Additionally, ceramic subway tiles are not too expensive, and their glossy appeal gives them a timeless and durable look.

Tiles can also be made from porcelain clay; unlike ceramic tiles, they are more rigid and withstand different pressures. Porcelain subway tiles are impenetrable by water, making them cable of creating a subway tiles splashback.

If you need denser subway tiles, then tiles made of porcelain materials should be a priority. Tiles & Bath Co provides ceramic and Porcelain subway tiles of different sizes, colours, and patterns according to your needs.

Glass is available for making subway tiles; glass subway tiles have gained popularity in recent years because of their glossy look, which creates a glowing appearance. Homeowners typically go for glass subway tiles because of gloss, it is impervious to water, and thus it is easy to clean. Installation of glass subway tiles on kitchen or bathroom walls complements the general interior style and gives the room a modern look.

Subway tile can come from natural stone; when perfectly cut with the correct dimensions into the rectangular shape, then you can get a unique subway tile for your use. In this category, natural stone subway tiles are from marble, travertine, onyx, and slate, among others.

Metal is another material in use when making subway tile, too; copper, stainless steel, and even aluminium are among the metallic materials to make metal subway tile. Depending on your preferable styles, we have subway tiles products that will perfectly fit different spaces in your home.

Subway Tile Patterns

Subway tile can take several patterns; just like colours and size, patterns cater to different clients' needs. Patterns are a fun way to spice the arrangement of subway tiles on your walls; this will give your home a unique, classy and timeless identity.

You can explore several patterns with your subway tiles; we have brick, classic subway, Grid, herringbone, and stack patterns. Any design can be befitting depending on the size of your wall, home, and the overall architect's style. Patterns are the ideal way to enjoy the design benefits of subway tiles.

Classic Herringbone Pattern

A classic herringbone pattern can be titled diagonally or placed at a 45-degree angle; this pattern is befitting if you want to make your wall look cool and pop up. This kind of arrangement allows you to achieve a kitchen or bathroom splashback and transforms your indoor space.

To achieve a more contemporary look, consider cool colours, like even the grey subway tiles. We provided a wide range to choose from for this pattern; different sizes, colours, and materials make a selection of what you need.

Stacked Tiles Pattern

Whether stacked vertically or horizontally, this pattern gives your kitchen a modern look by creating attractive horizontal and vertical lines through the kitchen or bathroom surface. Kitchen and bathroom decor can fit different sizes, colours, and subway tiles materials to create unique vertical and horizontal stacking patterns in your home.

Classic Subway Pattern

The classic subway tile pattern is used by the original designers who came up with subway tile. This pattern involves the arrangement of wall tiles into a brick-like style. With different subway tile colours and contrasting grout colours, classic subway tile can add gloss to your indoor space. Subway tiles in Australia at Tile & Bath Co come in different textures, colours versions, and you can get everything you need at our shop.

Subway tiles in Sydney offer you a wide range of items with competitive prices to choose from for each item. Classic subway pattern is an ideal way to experience the superior performance of a subway tile and its ability to create glossy finishes and integration with other styles and shapes in kitchens or bathrooms.

Where to Use Subway Tiles

Subway tiles kitchen splashback is why subway tiles are ideal for use as a wall tile for kitchens. When it comes to kitchen decor, white, grey, black subway tiles, among any others colours, are the holy grail of creating subtly and highlighting the rest of the space perfectly.

Bathroom decor can be taken to a notch higher with subway tiles; bathroom tiles can provide splashback, which is among the benefits of subway tiles. The use of different patterns in your bathroom and the right choice of grout will allow your tiles to pop up. There are several grout colours to choose from, depending on the colour of your tiles.

Floor tiles should be tough to withstand the pressure; subway tiles are not fit for use as floor tile. Porcelain subway tile can give you incredible results because of its strength and ability to withstand an immense amount of force. Subway tiles are thin rectangular tiles, and this cannot fully meet the details of floor tiles.

Purchasing Subway Tiles

Once you have all the details you need for your tiles, please log on to our website and filter the subway tiles category to sort out what you are looking for in-store items. Please proceed to add to the cart every item you come across which compliments your designs. Kindly note prices range from $40 and above $100 depending on the type of subway tiles you want to purchase.

Once you are set to check out, please add your email address and extra information like your contact details. Finally, confirm all the items you selected are in your cart before checking out and processing your payment.

Tile & Bath Co provides delivery services to your doorstep to provide you with the convenience of elevating your kitchen and bathroom decor to another level. When it comes to installation, google will come in handy to provide you with tips for installing your subway tiles.

Subway Tiles Installation

Subway tiles are relatively easy to install, whether on a DIY basis or even with the help of architects and your designers. However, there are technicalities to consider before purchasing your tiles. Please check with your designers first the subway tile size you need, patterns, grout colours, and even the price. However, at Tile & Bath Co instore, you can get virtually any style.

Before installation, please ensure you have the right size, colours, pattern, subway tile material, and grout colours. Classic subway tile, Grid, and stacked patterns are pretty easy to DIY, unlike herringbone subway tile, which might require a technician.

The trick to installing subway tiles of any colour is understanding the perfect combination with different grout colours. Subway tile black grout goes well with white subway tiles, while a warm white and grey grout fits well with neutral subway tile colours.

A practical installation that brings out the style and decor in your kitchen and bathroom is to understand these dynamics between the proper use of grout colours and even having insights on how to get creative with different patterns.

Subway Tiles Maintenance

Ceramic tiles are not so demanding for maintenance; you have to perform regular cleaning and sanitization. Ensure to constantly sweep to avoid any debris, which might scratch your tiles. Splashes or spilling are frequent but wiping your tiles all the time will give it a consistent sleek look.

Grout in between your tiles can be discoloured and look dull if not cleaned consistently. When wiping subway tiles, extend the cleaning to the grout section; please use hot water and add baking soda if there is any discolouration.

Maintaining subway tiles is easy and less demanding; when you clean consistently, you get to enjoy the benefits of these iconic tiles in your space for a very long time. Please log on to our website and place your orders today, revamp your kitchen and bathroom decor and give it a classy and timeless look with complimentary tapware and subway tiles. We also stock a wide range of other patterns such as herringbone tiles and terrazzo tiles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are subway tiles out of style 2021?

Subway tiles will never fade away, especially the white ceramic subway tiles; with continuous innovation and creativity, subway tiles will continually be a classy and timeless tile for your kitchen and bathroom decor.

Why is it called subway tile?

The term Subway tile originated from New York Subway station when designers Christopher Grand La Farge and George C. Heins used these tiles to create an inviting ambience within the underground tunnel of the station. Subway tiles gained their entry into the urban homes decor, taking the subway name they emanated from a subway station.

What are subway tiles?

Subway tiles originated from New York Subway station; they are thin, rectangular tiles. Traditionally with a dimension of 3 by 6 inches (7.62 by 15.24 cm), you can get glass, ceramic, metal, porcelain subway tiles, among others today. Subway tiles are fit for use in creating a timeless look on kitchen and bathroom decor.

What size do subway tiles come in?

Traditionally, subway tiles were made with 3 by 6 inches dimensions (7.62 by 15.24 cm). However, designers remodelled subway tiles into different sizes when the tiles entered urban homes, from the smallest to the largest size to fit your needs. Tile & Bath Co subway tiles sizes start from 150 by 150 to 76 by 300. There is a size for everyone in our store.

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