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Stylish Pool Tiles | Shop Our Huge Range Online Or In Store | Tile & Bath Co

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Ivory Valerie Travertine Look TileIvory Valerie Travertine Look Tile
Ivory Valerie Travertine Look Tile
From $51.00 / m2 Regular price $60.00/m2
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Save 15%
Grey Valerie Travertine Look TileGrey Valerie Travertine Look Tile
Grey Valerie Travertine Look Tile
From $51.00 / m2 Regular price $60.00/m2
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Save 15%
Pale Cherry Zen Wood Ezarri Mosaic TilePale Cherry Zen Wood Ezarri Mosaic Tile
Save 15%
Dolerite Zen Stone Ezarri Mosaic TileDolerite Zen Stone Ezarri Mosaic Tile
Save 15%
Carrara Zen Stone Ezarri Mosaic TileCarrara Zen Stone Ezarri Mosaic Tile
Save 15%
Ash Zen Stone Ezarri Mosaic TileAsh Zen Stone Ezarri Mosaic Tile
Ash Zen Stone Ezarri Mosaic Tile
$178.50 / m2 Regular price $210.00/m2
Save 15%
Bright Blue Niebla Ezarri Mosaic TileBright Blue Niebla Ezarri Mosaic Tile
Save 15%
Powder Blue Niebla Ezarri Mosaic TilePowder Blue Niebla Ezarri Mosaic Tile
Save 15%
Sky Blue Niebla Ezarri Mosaic TileSky Blue Niebla Ezarri Mosaic Tile
Save 15%
Sapphire Blue Niebla Ezarri Mosaic TileSapphire Blue Niebla Ezarri Mosaic Tile
Save 15%
Crystal Lisa Ezarri Mosaic TileCrystal Lisa Ezarri Mosaic Tile
Crystal Lisa Ezarri Mosaic Tile
$63.75 / m2 Regular price $75.00/m2
Save 15%
Blue Lisa Ezarri Mosaic TileBlue Lisa Ezarri Mosaic Tile
Save 15%
Midnight Lisa Ezarri Mosaic TileMidnight Lisa Ezarri Mosaic Tile
Save 15%
White Russian Australian Designer Ezarri Mosaic TileWhite Russian Australian Designer Ezarri Mosaic Tile
White Russian Australian Designer Ezarri Mosaic Tile
$214.20 / m2 Regular price $252.00/m2
Save 5%
Teal Australian Designer Ezarri Mosaic TileTeal Australian Designer Ezarri Mosaic Tile

Pool Tiles

When trying to find the right swimming pool tiles for your home, there's an extensive range which you can choose from. There are mosaic pool tiles, textured porcelain tiles, and even ceramic pool tiles.


And Tile & Bath Co offers a wide range of pool tiles that can add class, style, and a unique appearance to your own backyard. Whether you have a saltwater pool or an infinity pool, we can provide you with the best pool tiles for the job.


Choose from our unique range that includes non-slippery, natural stone, glass, and even ceramic tiles that come in a wide range of colours and designs suitable for traditional and contemporary pools alike. If you need pool tiles in Sydney, Canberra, or anywhere in Australia, we've got you covered.


Which Are the Best Pool Tiles for Contemporary Pools?

The Australian pool market is rich and filled with tons of options for tiles, designs, heaters, and just about any pool accessory out there. In this day and age, glass pool tiles are the most popular option for most pool areas, and they provide an aesthetic appearance that fits well in just about any pool area.


Glass mosaic pool tiles allow you to create beautiful and captivating designs that stand out among the swimming pools in your neighborhood. However, there are many different types of pool tiles out there that are designed for different tastes.


At Tile & Bath Co, we pay close attention to detail to ensure that all the tiles featured in our range are up to par with the highest Australian standards to provide a safe and beautiful surface for Australian pools all over the continent.


Understanding the Types of Pool Tiles

There are many different types of pool tiles out there. And at Tile & Bath Co, we ensure that all our options in our great range have a premium finish, excellent tactile quality and can provide a solid surface for your pool area.


Here are some of the options you can find at Tile & Bath Co;


Glass Tiles

Glass tiles are one of the most popular choices for pool owners around the world. Glass is a very modern take on the traditional pool tile and exudes luxury and class with its aesthetic. Pool tilers and designers enjoy using these types of tiles as they can be used to create beautiful mosaics on your pool.


Many glass mosaic tiles have a mesh backing that allows you to install them as a single sheet, which gives you more options and also makes installation much easier. Instead of installing each pool tile one by one, professionals can install more glass mosaic pool tiles at a time, making for a much faster process.


Glass tiles are made of recycled glass material, which is why they fetch higher prices than others. Mosaic tiles are a great way to add a personal and unique touch to your pool, especially if you hire tilers skilled with glass mosaics. Glass mosaic tiles are ideal for a swimming pool as they are very durable when installed properly. At Tile and Bath Co, our complete range includes a wide variety of glass mosaic tiles in a variety of colors and patterns.


Porcelain & Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic and porcelain tiles have been a staple for swimming pools for decades. This swimming pool tile is hand-painted, which can make for unique designs, especially if you find the right one. These tiles are exceptionally suited for pools with a surrounding landscape because of their textured appearance.


Pool tilers occasionally mix ceramic pool tiles with mosaic tiles to create intricate and detailed designs. There are also glazed porcelain and ceramic pool tiles that are durable, safe, and provide a feeling of luxury and style.


Natural Stone Tiles

As the name suggests, these tiles are made of natural stones. There is a wide range of stone pool tiles that provide unique aesthetics. One of the most popular options is travertine pool tiles. Travertine is a type of limestone that contains unique swirls that provide its signature look. Travertine tiles are very popular in retail stores, and they are perfect for outdoor pools as they are resistant to temperatures, creating a safer surface where you can spend hot summer days.

Stone tiles are ideal for classic Mediterranean pools with a light design that still has an air of luxury. At Tile & Bath Co, we have an extensive range of natural stone tiles made of different materials, giving you total flexibility when it comes to the design of your pool. Whether you're building a pool for a spa, a water park, or you're just setting one up in your backyard, contact us to learn more about all our different options.


What to Consider When Selecting Pool Tiles in Australia

When you buy pool tiles online, it isn't uncommon to get bombarded by options. At Tile & Bath Co, we have tons of different swimming pool tiles that each have their own set of benefits. The right swimming pool tile for you largely depends on your own needs and preferences when it comes to design.


If you find yourself struggling to find the right quality pool tiles for you, we recommend factoring in these things to make it easier to narrow down your options;



Safety should be a top priority when building a pool in Sydney. Aside from making sure you placed the pool in the right area, you also have to make sure you get the right-sized tiles. When talking about swimming pool tiles, size matters, and you should always consider the ratio between your pool and the size of the tile.


This is especially important when dealing with mosaic pool tiles made of glass. Larger glass tiles tend to break due to thermal shock, especially when placed along the waterline. You also have to consider how these tiles react to underwater pressure, as you don't want to go through the hassle of retiling your pool.


Before checking out the different samples in a showroom or checking out pool tiles online, we recommend consulting a professional and asking what the right-sized pool tile for you is.



The material of your pool tiles makes a huge difference when it comes to the style, design, and safety of your backyard pool in Australia. Glass tiles allow you to create mosaics that you find most suitable for your pool. At Tile & Bath Co, we offer a wide variety of different high-quality pool tiles in Sydney made from various materials.


Choose from glass pool tiles to create a mosaic. You can get glazed porcelain tiles to make your pool shimmer when it gets hit by light, and even natural stone tiles for a classic Meditteranean aesthetic. If you need pool tiles in Syndey, look no further than the Tile & Bath Co website, as we have a wide variety of options designed to make your search easier.


Tactile Quality

Tactile quality refers to the grip you have when standing on the surface of the tile. Since pools are filled with water, you need tiles with a decent tactile quality to keep you and your family safe. To better grip the pool tile's surface, it's important to stay away from smooth tiles. The tiles you might find in a kitchen are different from those in bathrooms, which are also different from those used for a swimming pool.


At Tile & Batch Co, we understand how safety is a top priority when searching for swimming pool tiles. All our options comply with Australian and European quality standards that are safe for you and your family.



The pool tile you choose is integral in determining the design of your pool. When looking at the different options, it's important to consider your pool's design and shape and the surroundings of the pool. That way, everything from the pool coping tiles to the actual surface tiles is cohesive and provide a beautiful aesthetic that can catch the eye of all your guests.



Another vital aspect to consider when constructing a pool in Syndey is maintenance. Swimming pool maintenance includes cleaning, replacing the water, and making sure everything is safe and functional. To make it easier to maintain your pool and keep it functional, it is important to search for the right tiles for your pool, specifically.


For starters, you can buy pool tiles in a darker colour. While this will result in your pool being colder, it will also require much less cleaning as compared to lighter tiles.


How to Install Pool Tiles

The best way to finish a pool is by hiring a professional to do the job. While professional teams charge a wide range of prices for finishing a pool, it is well worth the money. Professional pool tilers ensure that each and every pool tile is installed securely without the need for additional fixes later on.


However, if you're looking to save up and install them yourself, here's a brief guide on how.


Selecting the Right Tile

First things first, you need to choose the right surface. At Tile & Bath Co, you can find tons of different pool tiles online designed to fit different tastes and needs.


Clean & Level

It's very important to prep your pool for tile installation. You have to make sure the surface is as clean as possible to start. Remove any debris, dust, and dirt that's on the surface of your pool before installing. That way, your pool will receive the tiles properly, and the tiles will lay secure.

Start by washing down the pool walls and floor with a pressure washer. From there, inspect the floor and fix any cracks and holes that you might find. Once the surface is clean and level, you're ready to start installing the pool tiles.


Lay the Mortar and Grout

When laying out mortar for your tiles, make sure to choose a material that is resistant to water and built to last. Thinset mortar is highly recommended for pool tiles, as it's resistant to water and other chemicals. When choosing grout for your pool, make sure it contains no epoxy as it can weaken the chemicals in the pool. The ideal size distance between the grout joint and pool tiles is no more than 1/8 inch.


Set the Tiles

Once the mortar is laid with the grout, you can start setting your tiles. Start by laying out the tiles so you have a clear idea of their placement in the pool. After that, you can lay down the tiles at a slight angle directly on the mortar and twist them to straighten the tiles. We highly recommend using tile spacers for a consistent distance between grout joints.


Why Do I Need Special Pool Tiles?

While pool tiles can fetch higher prices than regular tiles, they are the only type of tile you can use for your pool. Pool tiles are built to resist water and the chemicals you place in the pool, allowing the tiles to stay secure for a long time. On top of that, these tiles are designed to allow your feet to easily grip the surface, reducing the risk of slipping while hanging out around the pool.


The pool tiles you can find at Tile & Bath Co are designed for conditions in Australia. They can withstand the heat, and when it gets cold, the tiles don't react to the temperature, allowing you to keep a water-tight seal all year round.


Find Just the Right Pool Tile for You at Tile & Bath Co

At Tile & Bath Co, our door is always open to customers in need of any type of surface for their pool, bathroom, or other areas in the home. On our website, you can find a free sample of any tile you want and view all the prices of our products.


If you're building a pool in Sydney, Canberra, or anywhere in Australia, we've got you covered when it comes to pool tiles. So, make sure to contact us on our website to help you build the pool of your dreams!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of pool tiles?

There are many different pool tiles available at Tile & Bath Co. We offer glass pool tiles, which are the most popular for modern pools. We also offer stone and ceramic tiles that offer unique aesthetics. Pool tiles are designed to withstand heavy exposure to water and chemicals and can help you keep a tight seal on your pool. When finding the right type of pool tile for you, make sure to check out all the different options available for you.

Are pool tiles expensive?

Finishing your pool with tiles can be significantly more expensive than other methods. However, Tile & Bath Co offers tiles in many different price ranges, making it easier for you to find just the right fit for your needs and budget. Pool tiles can provide a more luxurious aesthetic to your pool and can also be a safer option for you and your family.

Are pool tiles easy to clean?

Yes, pool tiles are relatively easy to clean. For light grime and dirt, you can use simple household cleaners on your tiles to remove deposits. But heavier stains and calcium silicate scaling, you need to use a pumice stone for

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