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Brown Brooke Subway TileBrown Brooke Subway Tile
Brown Brooke Subway Tile
From $60.00 / m2 Regular price $70.20
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Navy Blue Bella Subway TileNavy Blue Bella Subway Tile
Navy Blue Bella Subway Tile
From $42.00 / m2 Regular price $42.00
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Pale Blue Bella Subway TilePale Blue Bella Subway Tile
Pale Blue Bella Subway Tile
From $42.00 / m2 Regular price $42.00
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Pastel Pink Bella Subway TilePastel Pink Bella Subway Tile
Pastel Pink Bella Subway Tile
From $45.00 / m2 Regular price $52.00
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Dark Grey Brooke Subway TileDark Grey Brooke Subway Tile
Dark Grey Brooke Subway Tile
From $62.00 / m2 Regular price $72.54
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Ivory Brooke Subway TileIvory Brooke Subway Tile
Ivory Brooke Subway Tile
From $55.00 / m2 Regular price $64.35
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White Brooke Subway TileWhite Brooke Subway Tile
White Brooke Subway Tile
From $55.00 / m2 Regular price $64.35
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Caramel Blaire Brick Look TileCaramel Blaire Brick Look Tile
Caramel Blaire Brick Look Tile
From $125.00 / m2 Regular price $57.50
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Taupe Blaire Brick Look TileTaupe Blaire Brick Look Tile
Taupe Blaire Brick Look Tile
$125.00 / m2 Regular price $57.50
Light Grey Blaire Brick Look TileLight Grey Blaire Brick Look Tile
Light Grey Blaire Brick Look Tile
$125.00 / m2 Regular price $57.50
Vanilla Blaire Brick Look TileVanilla Blaire Brick Look Tile
Vanilla Blaire Brick Look Tile
From $125.00 / m2 Regular price $57.50
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Light Blue Blaire Brick Look TileLight Blue Blaire Brick Look Tile
Light Blue Blaire Brick Look Tile
$125.00 / m2 Regular price $57.50
Full White Blaire Brick Look TileFull White Blaire Brick Look Tile
Full White Blaire Brick Look Tile
From $125.00 / m2 Regular price $57.50
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Pistachio Russell Subway TilePistachio Russell Subway Tile
Pistachio Russell Subway Tile
$66.00 / m2 Regular price $92.40
Ocean Green Russell Subway TileOcean Green Russell Subway Tile
Ocean Green Russell Subway Tile
$66.00 / m2 Regular price $92.40
Stormy Night Russell Subway TileStormy Night Russell Subway Tile
Stormy Night Russell Subway Tile
$66.00 / m2 Regular price $92.40
Pink Lemonade Russell Subway TilePink Lemonade Russell Subway Tile
Pink Lemonade Russell Subway Tile
$66.00 / m2 Regular price $92.40
Pewter Russell Subway TilePewter Russell Subway Tile
Pewter Russell Subway Tile
$66.00 / m2 Regular price $92.40
Ink Black Russell Subway TileInk Black Russell Subway Tile
Ink Black Russell Subway Tile
$66.00 / m2 Regular price $92.40
Pearl Russell Subway TilePearl Russell Subway Tile
Pearl Russell Subway Tile
$66.00 / m2 Regular price $92.40
White Flyn Farmhouse Brick TileWhite Flyn Farmhouse Brick Tile
White Flyn Farmhouse Brick Tile
$110.00 / m2 Regular price $47.52
Pale Grey Flyn Farmhouse Brick TilePale Grey Flyn Farmhouse Brick Tile
Pale Grey Flyn Farmhouse Brick Tile
$110.00 / m2 Regular price $47.52
Pale Green Flyn Farmhouse Brick TilePale Green Flyn Farmhouse Brick Tile
Pale Green Flyn Farmhouse Brick Tile
$110.00 / m2 Regular price $47.52
Light Blue Flyn Farmhouse Brick TileLight Blue Flyn Farmhouse Brick Tile
Light Blue Flyn Farmhouse Brick Tile
$110.00 / m2 Regular price $47.52

Tile & Bath Co has always been on top of trending designs in the tiling and tapware world. Our designers are always keen to innovate and create new and different patterns to develop a sleek, modern and classy look to your kitchen, bathroom and floor.

Herringbone tiles are among those tiles; we are constantly innovating to bring you intriguing tile sizes, colours, and different materials for bathroom renovation and achieving kitchen splashback. Generally, to build a strong design character in your interior, herringbone tiles should be your go-to tiles in achieving that concrete and timeless look.

History of Herringbone Tile Pattern

Patterns are a fun way of getting more from your tiles; since the Victorian era, tiling has been used innovatively for home decor. During the Victorian era, the creative use of tile patterns has stood the test of time while creating classic and timeless geometric patterns, emulated even in our contemporary society.

Herringbone designs utilise patterns to create subtly and appealing tile layouts for wall use, kitchens and utility rooms. The herringbone tile pattern traces back to the herring fish's skeleton. Herring fish skeleton body forms a V-shaped pattern, more like a non-uniform zig-zag shape, and this is how the herringbone tile pattern came into existence.

The earliest uses of herringbone patterns were during the Roman Empire, when road paving systems were designed, and for Ancient Italy, and Egyptian jewellery designs. The herringbone pattern is comprised of an arrangement of rectangular tiles or parallelograms repetitively. The herringbone style is in use today across different fields, including; clothing industry, shoe-making, security printing, and herringbone mosaic sheets.

However, the most popular use of herringbone has to be herringbone floor tiles; the benefit of herringbone floor tile is that it creates a polished look and feel to any interior design decor. Floors can accommodate any material of herringbone pattern, including wood and bricks, but herringbone tiles are the epitome of tile design for your floors.

The combination of herringbone tile pattern with subway tiles adds some pop and colour to your floors and walls. Herringbone subway tiles are the reason why herringbone tile patterns continually remain classy, timeless and relevant in modern home decor. Herringbone kitchen tiles, or herringbone floor tiles and herringbone tiles for your bathroom wall is indeed a fun and versatile way to transform your indoor space tremendously.

Herringbone Tile Styles

There are several herringbone styles to use for your bathrooms, kitchens, feature walls and even in any of your upcoming DIY projects. Herringbone tile, whether ceramic tile subway tile, mosaic, porcelain, gives you the creative space to replicate the fishbone shape in your kitchen design to achieve a kitchen backsplash or even use them as bathroom tiles for your bathroom walls and floors.

The following styles listed below are among the fun and intriguing styles to implement herringbone tile patterns in your interior design.

Classic Herringbone Tiles Kitchen Backsplash

If you are intrigued by the classics, then white herringbone tiles are for you. We have a wide range of white herringbone tiles for you to achieve classic white herringbone tiles look for your kitchen backsplash.

White herringbone tile combined with white grout is the best way to achieve this style. Although this classic style is typical in traditional kitchens, it comes up in contemporary and modern designs. Herringbone tiles in Melbourne come in different sizes, perfect for creating a classic herringbone pattern, with its wild size popping up.

Contemporary Neutral Herringbone Tile Pattern

When used with the right colour combination and sizes, your space's herringbone tiles can create a contemporary and modern look. More incredible colours like blue herringbone tiles and grey, available in our store, are great choices to develop this stylish look in your kitchen.

Contemporary herringbone tile pattern relies heavily on the right and balanced use of colours within your kitchen space; blending colours in the right way will give your room a modern and glossy look, not forgetting the benefits of achieving kitchen splashbacks.

Dark Herringbone Tile Pattern

At Tile & Bath Co, we have colours like a dark charcoal, which, if used with the right grout colour, can transform your kitchen, giving it an excellent tile layout and adding a more graphic appeal to your space.

Charcoal grey subway tiles are a good fit for this herringbone tile pattern; with the use of a lighter grout line creating an impressive contrast, your kitchen is likely to get the style and that sleek look you have always had for a home picture.

Vertical Herringbone Tile Pattern

The herringbone tile pattern is possible to flip vertically and manage to achieve incredible results from it. The vertical arrangement is reliant on getting the right size, colours and material. Herringbone tiles in Australia at Tile & Bath Co are available in various sizes, colours and materials depending on your needs.

The herringbone pattern is, without a doubt, a style that incorporates a lot of colours to make it more appealing and give it a glossy look. No matter the type of herringbone pattern you are looking to replicate in your bathroom renovation, kitchens, floors, and other rooms in your home, you are guaranteed to get everything you need at our store.

Herringbone Tile Materials

Herringbone tiles are made of different materials. Depending on your tile needs and use, you can get herringbone tiles at Tile & Bath Co. Herringbone marble tiles are your go-to tiles when you need solid and reliable tiles for your flooring pattern.

Porcelain tiles are also ideal for achieving a herringbone pattern; tiles made of porcelain are strong and can tolerate an excessive amount of pressure, just like Mosaic tiles and marble tiles. Herringbone mosaic tiles are robust and designed in a perfectly fitting way for use as tiles herringbone.

In addition to mosaic, marble and porcelain tiles, herringbone tiles in Melbourne are also available in ceramic, travertine and limestone materials. Our tiles give you complete results regardless of the material you choose for your wall tiles, kitchen room or bathrooms; we assure you the quality and the right size and colour of herringbone tiles for your needs.

Uses of Herringbone Tiles

Whether using porcelain, marble, mosaic herringbone tiles or even ceramic tiles, herringbone tiles have the ability to transforming any space with their v-shaped angular structure resembling the structure of fish bone's skeleton's frame.

Herringbone tiles can be used on different walls and floors based on the part of your room that needs revamping. When it comes to your floors, be mindful that not all herringbone tiles are meant for the floors, porcelain tiles or mosaic herringbone tiles are ideal in this case. Mosaic and porcelain tiles are more rigid and durable.

Porcelain tiles and ceramic herringbone tiles can be used as wall tiles because they can handle excess moisture, remain clean and shiny for long, creating an elegant and sleek look to your kitchen and bathroom.

The size for either floors or walls is dictated by the space on your kitchen or bathroom walls; when it comes to your floors, you have the room to choose any size you prefer. The herringbone tile style is a classic design, which you can use to ignite your modern home while creating a unique and traditional layout for your floors and walls. Herringbone patterns ooze swipe gestures and an inviting mood to your guests, and this compels them to wander their eyes around the room.

Herringbone Tile Purchase

Herringbone tile pattern can be a great and fun design for your next DIY project. You can sign into your account on our website and browse through all the different types of products of herringbone tiles we offer. Log on to your account to purchase white herringbone tiles for your classy herringbone tile pattern, or even black herringbone tile for a neutral and contemporary look on your walls.

At Tile & Bath Co, we provide competitive prices for different sizes, colours and materials of tiles for your needs. Delivery is also a service you can enjoy when you shop herringbone tiles at Tiles & Bath Co in Australia.

Herringbone Tile Installation

Herringbone installation is not daunting when you have the proper guidelines for laying herringbone tiles on your floor or walls. Whether you are looking to decorate and revamp your kitchen, floors or bathroom walls, herringbone kitchen tiles are easy to install, especially when you know the herringbone style you prefer.

Ombre herringbone tile gives you a unique design and herringbone pattern, and to achieve this tile design, it is prudent to adhere to measurements and rules of laying herringbone tiles, discussed below;

To begin, measure the focal point/the centre of your wall or floor and make the halfway point; then, with your herringbone tiles purchased at Tile & Bath Co, work out the 45-degree angle for the first tile. Next is laying your next tile next to the tile you laid on a 45-degree angle earlier at a 90-degree angle.

The next step is to mark the tiles you need to cut to perfectly fit well with others; once they are drawn, proceed with cutting and number these tiles for easy installation. Proceed to mix your mastic and apply it to the walls and proceed to glue the first tiles on your wall; if you did the measurements, cutting and numbering right, then glueing should be accessible at this point.

Herringbone tile patterns can be complicated on bathroom walls with pipes, but the process should be the same with proper measuring and cutting. Installation is not so hard, but it is time-consuming because you want to do the measurements well and blend the right colours and grout correctly to achieve an impeccable contrast.

Professional herringbone installation should result in reliable splashbacks for your bathrooms and kitchens. Tiles in a herringbone style stand out due to patterns; knowing different herringbone patterns is a bonus tip for performing a DIY installation.

Herringbone Tiles Maintenance

Herringbone tiles, just like subway tiles, require regular cleaning; glass tiles, ceramic, porcelain, mosaic, among other types of herringbone tiles used for the herringbone pattern, are easy to clean and maintain.

Herringbone tiles installed with having in mind kitchen backsplash ideas are prone to stains from time to time; consistent wiping of these surfaces will protect any corrosion of the tiles and maintain their sleek look for a longer period. Herringbone tiles on a bathroom wall should also be subjected to the same cleaning routine to enhance its clean and appealing look.

Consistent sweeping of dust and debris is good to avoid any scratching of the tiles. Please use glides under your furniture to protect your herringbone tiles from indentations and scratches from furniture movement.

Steam cleaners or mopping is another good way to clean and maintain your tiles; please be informed that some herringbone tiles do not respond well to steam cleaners. Always be on the lookout for any stagnating fluid on your tiles and wipe them away to protect your tiles from any detrimental effect.

It is prudent to keep checking your wall and floor to establish any damages to your tiles. In the event you find any damages, please repair and re-grout instantly to prevent any further damage. When you commit to constantly clean and keep your tiles neat and well taken care of, then you are subscribing to a lifetime of enjoying the glossy, classic and timeless look herringbone tiles bring to your home.

Evident above, maintaining herringbone tiles is not much of a task apart from regular cleaning and looking out for damages for immediate remedy. It is about time you get yourself some herringbone tiles of different sizes, colours, materials by visiting our store and placing your orders today. The upcoming design projects in your interior design works should have a herringbone tile pattern for a modern look.

Place your orders for herringbone tiles through our website today, add different items you need to your cart such as terrazzo tiles and tapware, provide your address, and we will be happy to ship these products to you as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is herringbone tile more expensive?

Depending on the size, colours and tile material you need, herringbone tile is affordable. Because of its durability and the capacity to transform your space, its cost is worth it in the end. The price can be competitive depending on the number of herringbone tiles you need for your walls, floor, or exterior surfaces.

Is herringbone tiling hard?

Herringbone tiling is accessible and applicable as a DIY project; with the proper guideline, it is easy to install without a technician's help. Being knowledgeable about the measuring and cutting of tiles is a plus when installing herringbone tiles.

Is herringbone tile hard to install?

Herringbone Tile is easy to install, and one can DIY and still get incredible results. However, because of the measuring of the floor, walls and the tiles and subsequently cutting the tiles, one might take a long time installing the tiles, but generally, they are easy to install.

How do you set out herringbone tiles?

Start by marking the centre of the wall of the floor you want to install herringbone tiles on. Then place the first herringbone tile at a degree angle of 45 and place the subsequent tiles at an angle of 90 degrees; depending on the herringbone pattern, you are aiming at, setting out herringbone tiles always starts with a 45-degree angle.