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Engineered Timber Flooring

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If you're remodelling your home or building the floors of a new house, then you might be considering using engineered timber flooring.

Currently, engineered timber floors are growing in popularity, with countless homes all over Australia using these timber floorboards. Engineered timber floors offer a premium and luxurious aesthetic, but are also very affordable, stable, and durable.

Compared to solid timber floors, engineered timber floor boards are the modern option for modern homes. And at Tile & Bath Co, we make sure to stock up on only the best-engineered timber flooring options on the market today.

What Is Engineered Timber Flooring?

Engineered timber floors are largely seen as the go-to alternative to solid timber flooring. Engineered timber floorboards utilise a thin layer of hardwood timber (typically between 1 mm-4 mm) that's glued on top of a cheaper layer of plywood.

So, when you use engineered timber, you get a similar aesthetic and finish to solid timber flooring without having to bust the bank. On top of that, engineered timber floor boards are also lightweight, easy to transport, and easy to install. That's why many people worldwide are starting to switch to engineered hardwood floors, which offer the best of both worlds.

Additionally, when you choose engineered timber floorboards, they are usually pre-finished. That way, you don't have to worry about sanding, polishing, and varnishing the floor after installing the boards, unlike with solid timber floor boards.

On top of that, engineered timber floors come in a variety of timbers and finishes. So, you can opt for both Australian timber and international timber, each of which has its own benefits.

So, if you've been dreaming of oak flooring and another hardwood flooring in your home, but you can't afford it at the moment, you might want to consider your engineered flooring options.

Engineered Timber Floors vs Solid Timber Flooring

The biggest benefit an engineered timber floor has over solid timber flooring is the price. Both of these types of floors offer similar aesthetics and looks. This is because the top layer of the engineered timber flooring is the exact same material as what you'll find on the solid timber equivalent. But since engineered wood flooring only uses a thin layer of premium wood on top of cheaper plywood, it's much more affordable.

So, if you want quality and premium wood flooring in your home and can't afford solid timber flooring at the moment, you may want to consider the different engineered flooring options on the market.

Since engineered timber comes in many shapes, sizes, and designs, they are very flexible. In fact, since installation is so easy with timber-veneer flooring, you have tons of options available. You can opt for floating floors or even a design that perfectly replicates the look of solid wood flooring.

Engineered Timber Flooring vs Laminate Flooring

When it comes to budget-friendly alternatives to solid timber flooring, many people look at laminate floors. After all, these floorboards are very inexpensive and come in a variety of designs and finishes. However, while laminate flooring might cost you less than an engineered timber floor board, it simply can't match up to the quality of engineered timber flooring products.

The reason for this is that while these products don't have the same construction as solid hardwood flooring, engineered timber still uses a top layer of high-quality wood. There are tons of options on the market that sport real European oak and other timbers on top of the basic plywood, which makes it seem like you have natural hardwood floors.

Advantages of Engineered Timber Flooring

Why do you need engineered timber flooring?

Well, if you have a modern household, this is something you really need to consider. There are a wide variety of advantages to choosing engineered floorboards over solid wood and timber floors. This hybrid flooring option offers the best of both worlds, which is why it's the go-to flooring solution for people who need the real timber aesthetic without the real hardwood price tag.

Read on to learn more about the different advantages of using engineered timber floorboards for the new floor in your home renovation project.


The first and arguably largest advantage to using engineered timber floors is that it's affordable. Hardwood timber floors are undeniably beautiful and capture the eye. However, if you want a real hardwood floor, you can expect to spend a lot of money on just the floorboards. This doesn't even take into account the installation and other materials required for solid timber floors.

On the flip side, engineered floors are very affordable. This type of wood flooring still uses natural hardwood, but only a thin layer that is mostly used for aesthetics. So, that means you won't have to bust the bank on just the materials for your new floor.

If you have an existing floor in your home that you want to improve on a tight budget, engineered timber flooring products could be just what you need in your home.

Easy Installation

The next thing to consider is the installation costs and installation process. When you get engineered timber products, whether it's Australian or European Oak, you can rest assured that they are pre-finished. Since the wood is pre-finished, you don't have to worry about additional sanding, varnishing, and finish once you complete the installation.

On top of that, whether you want a floating flooring or a multi-layered floor composed of a variety of flooring products, it's much easier done if you use engineered wood flooring.


The thing with engineered wood is that it's more stable than 100% hardwood. This is because the plywood layer underneath can resist the natural expansion of the top wood, which can be caused by moisture. If you have a solid, real wood floor board, you might find that moisture forces it to expand and contract over time. So, if you need a flooring solution with more stability than standard hardwood, you may want to consider engineered timber floors.

Premium Aesthetic Appeal

Another advantage of using this type of flooring is the natural beauty that comes with it. Since the top layer is made of real hardwood, you get the exact same aesthetic. These multiple layers of different types of wood are what give people the best of both worlds. The top layer is also called the wear layer, and aside from the great aesthetic appeal, it also offers superior durability, which we'll get into next.


One of the reasons engineered timber flooring is considered more durable than solid timber flooring is because of all the coatings applied during manufacturing. For example, a typical engineered timber floor will have scratch resistance and water resistance coatings. That way, you can rest assured that your flooring is going to last you a long time, despite having a relatively low cost.

Low Maintenance

You don't have to worry about re-sanding or refinishing your engineered timber floors. This is because they come pre-sanded and pre-finished. When you install these floorboards, you don't have to worry about applying any additional finishes and the like. In fact, once installed, you can rely on the engineered timber flooring to last you a long time before requiring additional maintenance.

How to Install Engineered Timber Flooring

If you don't have too much experience remodelling and re-tiling a floor, you may want to hire a professional for the job. However, one of the advantages of using engineered timber flooring is that it's very easy to install. So, with enough research and guidance, you may actually be able to get it done yourself.

Usually, people are faced with two options when it comes to installing the engineered timber floor: using glue or installing a floating floor. If you plan on gluing down your engineered timber floorboards, be prepared for a bit of a mess. The process of guiding down timber flooring can be complex, which is why you might prefer the floating floor method if installing it yourself.

If you have a floating floor, the only thing holding the boards down is the weight of the floor itself. In most cases, this might be a better and more cost-effective option. And once it's installed, you can rely on the boards to stay in place for a long time coming.

How Much Is Engineered Timber Flooring?

The engineered flooring price can vary depending on a number of factors. Typically, our engineered timber floorboards are sold per square foot. On our website, you can find a wide variety of different options for different needs. It's easy to find budget-friendly options that will cost you between $6-$9. However, if you want to go for the more premium options, you can expect to spend between $20-$29 per square foot.

The beauty of engineered timber flooring options is that they come in all shapes and sizes. You can find natural oak, Spotted Gum, and a wide variety of other woods available on our website, making it easier to find just the right option for you.

Only the Best Engineered Timber Floor Boards at Tile & Bath Co

At Tile & Bath Co, we are here to handle all your wall and floor needs. Whether you're remodelling a bathroom and are in need of new tiles, or if you plan on changing up the floors in your living room with something a bit more classy, we've got you covered.

On top of that, we make it easy for anyone in Australia to shop for their wall and flooring needs. On our website, you can easily search for just the right products for your renovation project or new home.

You can filter results based on their material, use, and search for specific options using the search bar. From there, you can add all the items to your cart, proceed to checkout, then all you have to do is wait for the products to arrive at your door.

Shopping for engineered timber flooring in Australia has never been easier than at Tile & Bath Co. If you're in the middle of building a house or a renovation project, make sure to check out the different options available at Tile & Bath Co.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is engineered timber flooring?

While engineered timber floors may sound complicated, they are inherently simple. At first glance, they may look like your regular solid timber floors. But under the surface, they are very different. This is because these floors are multi-layered. The bottom layer is made of budget and eco-friendly plywood that can also resist the natural warping of the top layer, which is made of actual hardwood. The difference is that these engineered options only have a very thin top layer which is designed to last a long time while also providing you with a unique aesthetic.

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