Simple Spring Solutions to a Better Bathroom

Last week we discussed which tapware finish is right for your space, and with spring well and truly here, this week on the blog we’re chatting bathroom tips and trends everyone needs to know!

Bathroom design trends are always coming and going, and it can be hard to find one that’s here to stay. Trends in design while at the time may look incredible, might not always be the best option when renovating or styling your new bathroom space. Although there are some design elements we see reoccur every year in spring, from construction to final styling elements- you need to do at least one these this spring!


There are a million and a half different ways to implement storage into your home, and one of the most crucial spaces in the home for storage is the bathroom. The average person spends 45min on the toilet and an hour in the bathroom getting ready to go out and to go to bed every day. I can almost guarantee that’s longer than the time you’ve spent in the dining room this whole week- and that’s only one person. Times that number between four people in your household and we’ve got seven hours of bathroom use every day! Long story cut short, is that storage is key!

We always recommend purchasing a shaving cabinet with your vanity, as they are an affordable and easy way to instantly double the storage space in your bathroom. Shaving Cabinets can also be a fun way to add an extra level of luxury above the vanity, with options for timber veneers, lighting in and around the mirror and open shelving for soaps and plants.

Bathroom Tapwares


Talking about showing off greenery on your open shelves, plants are an easy way to bring life and a sense of warmth into the bathroom- and this is defiantly a trend that is here to stay! Some people opt not to have plants in the bathroom for the maintenance factor or the space they may take up.

Terrariums and Succulents are the answers to your problems! With incredibly low maintenance, these little guys can be purchased anywhere, or you can even make your own. Another space saving solution is your ceiling, try hanging a gorgeous air-plant, fern or ivy. They don’t take up any room on a vanity or floorspace, and they also look awesome anywhere in the home- especially in the bathroom of course.



The best way to dress a blank canvas bathroom is to pop it with styling elements. And this is easier said than done as there’s no furniture, cushions and pendant lighting. Just like plants, towels are your answer! Similar to fresh linen sheets, there is nothing better than some brand-new towels, and their prints and colours can be changed as often as you like. We’ve seen teals, sage, mustard and even an influx of deep reds or purples come into trend this year. Try these interesting colours combos in your bathroom, or choose your towels colour based on the curtains, cushions, and other linen you already have. This will make for a cohesive style throughout your home!



I don’t want to sound like a broken record, but tapware is an affordable way to get the most out of your wet area spaces. By having new tapware and fixtures, the value of your home is instantly increased, so this spring solution is perfect if you’re looking to sell. Buyers this season also look for quality tapware, as they offer 25year to lifetime warranties.

This is an awesome advertising point for your home if you’re looking to sell, and also gives you the chance to do something fun! Look into your gold options, or maybe black? The options are endless, and this spring at Tile and Bath Co there are going to be huge discounts and package offers. Stay posted and make sure to subscribe friends!


Let us know what you think of these solutions and we’d love to hear any tips you may have!

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Thanks guys!

- Noah

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