Picking the Perfect Tile Can Be Hard Meet the Personalities

No matter what you love when it comes to selecting the perfect tile for your new project, you’ll find it here at Tile and Bath Co. Everyone has their own personal preferences on what style they like and also what they want from their tile ware. Texture, finish, colour, shape… we have it all and our handy guide will help you find Mr or Mrs Right Tile for your Space 😉

Mr Authentic  - strong, stable and reliable, stone tiles are what you can count on to be there for through the highs and lows. The beauty and the benefit of stone look tiles is that they are made from high-quality porcelain which means they are durable and will stand the test of time. They are also low maintenance which is an added bonus.

Mr Outdoorsy - interested in the hardy rugged type? Concrete tiles are your go to. Weathered but strong, concrete tiles suit most climates and are tough to withstand all manner of emoti...elements. 

Mr Sleek and Sophisticated - nothing compares to the look of marble. Elegant and striking in appearance, this tile knows it’s worth and commands the attention of any room it’s placed in. They are also an excellent insulator, which is great at keeping you warm on those chilly nights.

Mr Extrovert - look no further than Crazy Pave Tiles. Unpredictable, but that’s what you love about them. They look fabulous on driveways, garden paths and outdoor areas. Their versatility is what makes them charming.

Mr Creative - when it comes to pattern and colour, the Encaustic Tiles are right up your alley. They are the best tile to catch your eye and are very pleasing to look at. If you want something left of centre and a talking point then these are the perfect tile. They can get a little overwhelming but used as a feature they become easily palatable.

No matter what your needs or desires are for your dream space, we can find your perfect match.