Which Tapware Finish is right for your home?

Tapware has gone from just serving the simple purpose of providing hot and cold water to in the past year especially, becoming a statement in any wet room space. We’ve fallen inlove with some incredible designs, and this week we’re taking that love for tapware and talking- How to dress your bathroom using only fixtures and fittings!  

Last week we discussed how tapware had evolved from the classic chrome look and has been absolutely flooded (no pun intended) with black tapware designs. As of late though, we’re steering away from black tapware and opening up to the endless range of colours and possibilities! Don’t get us wrong, we love black tapware and you really can’t go wrong with a fresh chrome look.. But what else is out there and how can you incorporate some new and exciting tapware, fixtures and fittings into your home?

To start, lets talk Gunmetal. What is it and how can I incorporate it into my home?

The Gunmetal finish almost appears to look like a tinted metal, as it sits as a darker version of satin chrome. I especially love this look, as it isn’t as strong or bold as a matt black, but it adds a level of depth and interest to any bathroom design. Gunmetal has a natural affect, apposed to being a contrast in your home, it compliments any tone you may have in your tiles, paint colours, or general natural lighting you may have. Also, being that it is a satin finish, it doesn’t pick up any finger marks that chrome normally would or show soap scum that a matt finish would.


Satin finishes don’t just stop at Gunmetal either, there’s satin chrome to start, brass and gold aswell! One finish that will promise to be glamourous is gold and believe it or not, it wont date! Brass and gold finishes have been around long before we had chrome or black tapware.

Which brings me on to dressing you wet room spaces for low cost. You may be selling, renting your home out, or simply just need to freshen the space up. Ripping out entire bathrooms, laundries and kitchens can be an expensive and a daunting process- and may not necessarily be the right answer to updating your home. Quality fixtures promise to add value to your home and are so simple to change. There are so many options and designs you can go with, and all will promise to give your space a fresh look and become more user friendly in day to day life. Because let’s be real, nothing is better than a good-looking tap with high water pressure and an easy to use handle!

Don’t know where to start, below is what finishes and designs I recommend based on your home or general style!

  • Classic Australiana home, possibly surrounded by bush or in a quiet tree lined neighbourhood.

 I recommend going for Satin Brass Tapware, this fun colour will pop in your bathroom no matter what colour tiles you have! It will still speak to the area you may be in, providing a timeless, classic and upscale look for any large or family home.

  • Coastal home, situated on the coastline, or a home featuring a light Hamptons colour palette.

 Why not try Gold or Rose Gold Tapware. This bright and fresh colour will pop in natural light and tie your bathroom design together. Gold speaks to its Hamptons roots, while the Rose Gold finish is perfect for any modern interpretation of coastal living!

  •  Modern home, possibly with a striking or bold look new modern home is known for.

Hello Black Tapware, this colour is promised to be as interesting as your home may be. Black Tapware will speak to your modern design as it is not only fresh and bold, but the finish itself is still relatively new- keeping in time with your home!

  •  Rental or Family home, with high foot traffic and frequent use from family and friends.

If you’re a busy family or need a reliable product for your rental property- this is when Satin Tapware comes into play! As mentioned before, Satin Tapware doesn’t show finger marks or soap scum- giving a consistently clean look and promising to be hardwearing and durable.

Satinless Tapware

Below for you are the finishes we stock in store from our quality Bezzoni by Barben Tapware Range. We also stock Caroma, Meir, Linsol, and our very own Classic Chrome range! Let us know what you think of the tapware possibilities, also - Don’t forget to subscribe to our website for new blog updates, exclusive member offers and sales you don’t want to miss, and updates on new products!


Barben Tapware Range

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