5 Bathroom Trends that aren't Trends
  • Ditch the Niche - Try the Ledge!
  • Goodbye Feature Tiles - Hello Minimal Tile Selection.
  • No more Shower Doors - Frameless Shower Screens are in.
  • Black Tapware - How about Brushed or Satin Tapware?
  • Colour - Let's not be afraid!

You must be thinking that we’ve gone crazy, putting such controversial and unrealistic statements out onto the internet like ‘Black Tapware is done!’ and ‘Ditch the Niche’. For a moment there, Black Tapware and Shower Niches were the big business for us tile and bathroom retailers, and now we’re telling you to throw the thought of them away! After some extensive research this year, here are Five Bathroom Trends that aren’t Trends! (you can trust us)

  •  The Ledge.

‘What is this ledge you speak of, and why is it better than the high praised niche?’ I was asked last week. For a moment I was taken back, questioning if the ledge is actually any better than a niche, and then I remembered that yes in fact it is incredibly a thousand times better.

The Ledge is basically a shelf sitting at about 1.2 metres off the ground running across the entire wall that it is on- opposed to a niche which is just a rectangular hole in the wall. The beauty of the Ledge is that you have unlimited height for your soap bottles, hair products, face scrubs etc, as the only end to the ledge’s height is the ceiling. Not only is the ledge more spacious for your products, it also leaves the bathroom with a more clean-line, well designed look, as there are no pokey niches breaking up the wall. 

  • Minimal Tile Selection.

This might sound more absurd than killing off the niche, but less is more- especially in smaller spaces in the home, which is most likely your ensuite or bathroom. The days of having small mosaics running down the middle of your wall or spanning around the room as a horizontal band are over.

Lately we’ve been using one tile everywhere in our bathrooms, commonly as a 30x30 on the floor and the same design in a 30x60 on the wall. This modern look has been doubted initially but receives more than positive feedback when the project is complete. Frankly, this tiling choice trend will be sticking around for a long time to come, as nothing dates a bathroom more than the feature tile that was 'in' at the time. By removing all feature walls in general, it makes your bathroom timeless? I think so, and with a quick look at Pinterest and Instagram, so does everyone else. 

black tapwaresBlack shower 

  • Frameless Shower Screens.

This topic is always a point brought up in any bathroom renovation discussion, to stick with the classic corner shower arrangement with a shower door and frames around the glass, or to approach the space from a new perspective?... Approach the space from a new perspective obviously! By having a frameless glass screen, your bathroom will feel instantly bigger, brighter and all round just fresher!

Although we do understand on the occasion that this isn’t always the best way to go, especially if you have little ones running around who like to get water everywhere- a frameless shower door is always the next best alternative to keep the practicality in your bathroom space while still looking good!

Bathroom Trend 

  • Brushed or Satin Tapware Finishes.

Black Tapware, it came, we loved it and used it, a little too much. And now we’re facing the question, is black tapware going out? Personally, it’s not out and so far hasn’t dated like some trends we’ve seen in the past years, but black tapware has definitely lost the initial charm and excitement it had when it first arrived on our shelves.

Brushed Tapware has always been in, its timeless look promises to add a level of sophistication and luxury to any space. Because of this, it has gained popularity in recent years especially with the push for gold and brass tapware and fixtures. We’re seeing more daring designs opting to use brushed gunmetal or satin chrome finishes opposed to matt black.

Satin and Brushed finishes also don’t show fingerprints like a Chrome does, promising easy maintenance for busy families or rental properties. Overall, I’m really excited to see that these finishes are being recognized and appreciated again, as they’re not only more sophisticated than chrome or black, but they’re also very versatile for any bathroom design!

trending tapwarebrushed 

  • Colour

Let’s not be afraid to bring back colour, grey is everywhere, and I can promise you it’s becoming a total wash out! We’re in an exciting time for bathroom design, for the first-time products that once would have been very exclusive, are now easily accessible for everyone.

There has been a huge movement for daring tapware and fixtures in black, rose gold or satin brass. Tiles are coming in waves of exiting prints and colours, and this is all thanks to social media! With the ability to see and share what everyone is doing, we’re seeing daring and never seen before designs on the daily. Companies like Nood co and Tiles of Ezra have influenced the general pubic to be open to these new designs and colour palettes, and with the tile trend of ‘less is more’ as discussed in point two, there is more opportunity for other elements in your bathroom to pop with fun materiality and colour!

silver tapwareFrameless  

Thanks for tuning in to this weeks blog! Tell me what you think of these trends, and if you think they’re here to stay!

- Noah, Interior Design and Sales for Tile and Bath co.

Imagery Credited to: a- Emily Henderson, b- Katrinalee Chambers, c- Haute Keete, d- Homa Homy, e- Fliesen Ideende Club, f- The Interiors Addict, g- ABI Interiors and Bathrooms, h- Nood Co, i- West Stone Bathrooms, j- Tiles of Ezra