Emerging Bathroom Design Trends; Our Predictions for Australia in 2023

Your bathroom is the place you go every morning to get ready for the day, and every night to prepare to unwind for the evening. It mightn’t be the first room of your house to come to mind when thinking about interior design, but it’s one of the most important rooms in which to nail your design elements. Making your bathroom as inviting as possible ties together your overall interior design goals for your home.

If you’re about to design a bathroom interior from scratch or refresh an existing one, you might be interested to know what the upcoming style trends are for bathrooms this year. Looking at the current trending bathroom design elements will give you inspiration for creating the perfect bathroom for your home. Here are a few of our predictions for what the top bathroom design trends will be in Australia in 2023.


This is a style trend we see catching on more this year. It’s a way to differentiate your bathroom styling while keeping a uniform overall look. It isn’t as busy as patterned tiles featuring multiple colours but still creates an eye-catching effect.

Another tiling technique that subtly draws the eye is using contrastingly sized tiles. It’s most effective when done with tiles all the same colour but in different sizes. Larger tiles that gradually taper into smaller tiles add depth and style to your bathroom.


These invoke a retro style that’s making a comeback in 2023 and adds some personality to your bathroom. They’re especially effective when used in lighter colours to create an airy and spacious feel in your bathroom.


They offer a more modern feel that makes your bathroom styling pop. Try using 3D tiles as a feature wall, in a bright colour that stands out against the rest of your bathroom, for a bold look.


As for lighting, sconce lighting is making a comeback and is expected to start featuring more in bathroom design this year. There’s lots of room for personalisation with sconce lighting, which can be attached anywhere you’d like on your bathroom walls.


Want to add some colour to your bathroom without committing to a feature wall? A contrasting grout is a great way to do so. White or cream tiles dashed with coloured grouting subtly brightens your bathroom without being overwhelming.


In terms of colour, jewel tones will feature heavily in this year’s bathroom design trends. Think deep and rich hues of dark reds, greens, and blues. These colours make a striking statement on a feature wall, contrasting an otherwise muted interior.


The industrial style design aesthetic is making a resurgence and will likely form the basis for many design trends coming in 2023. Introducing brick-look flooring to your space channels an industrial vibe, marrying a sleek modern style with old-world charm.


Another major trending style we see coming in terms of glass is fluted glass, for bathroom shower screens or windows. It offers a sleek, modern look that adds a lux touch to any bathroom aesthetic. Fluted glass looks good, and it’s also easy to keep clean as it repels soap scum and grime, making it a top choice this year.


Another way to incorporate the industrial style aesthetic into your bathroom is through tapware. The industrial style is all about blunt, straight lines which you can easily express through bathroom taps. In particular, brushed nickel tapware is a trend we see growing in popularity this year, echoing the unfinished look characteristic of industrial styling.


This is increasing in popularity this year, offering a clean, minimalist look. White tapware does well in lightly coloured bathrooms flooded with natural light, creating a refreshingly summery atmosphere. Using white as an accent colour pairs well with introducing natural elements throughout your bathroom, such as timber.


For bathroom storage trends that combine functionality and style, shelf features are an increasingly popular way of making the most of your space. You can get creative with shelf features to find something that best fits your bathroom layout, fits everything you need to store, and looks great.

Floating vanities, hanging bathroom shelves, or a bath board are all great ways to maximise storage options and keep all of your lotions, makeup, and other bathroom essentials close at hand.


Lastly, timber vanities are making a resurgence in popularity, and for good reason. Using high-quality rich timber for your bathroom vanity will make it stand out against other materials like tiling and glass, adding a natural element to your bathroom décor that beautifies your space.

Hopefully this list of predictions for the upcoming bathroom design trends this year has given you some inspiration for styling your bathroom. You’ll find everything you need for creating your dream bathroom at Tile and Bath Co.