5 Steps to Designing Your Dream Bathroom

You’ve decided to build or renovate your home, but where do you start to design the perfect bathroom? From your initial vision, right to the final styling elements, in this week’s blog we discover five easy steps to building your dream bathroom!

1. Your Vision.

    Having an initial vision is key to your space and is probably what has initially driven you to begin researching bathroom renovations and designs. Make sure your initial vision is clear, try writing down what you’d like in the space aesthetically, and practically. It is important to understand what you need when in the space, second to that comes what you’d like in the space.

    2. Inspiration

      From here it’s time to dive into the fun stuff, inspiration! In our last blog, we spoke about discovering your style and how you can do this in the initial stages of your project. Check out our last blog to discover your style and learn about interior design tips and tricks to collecting your inspiration!  

      3. Research

        You know what you want to achieve in your space, and you’ve found gorgeous images on Pinterest to prove this, but how did they achieve that look? Research is a key way to discovering important details about other projects and especially products you may use in your space. Luckily for you, our friendly staff at Tile and Bath co have done the research for you. We’re always improving our product knowledge and are willing to answer any questions that you may have.

        We’re also a bank of endless tile ranges, fixtures and fittings that we can show you to compete with the products you may have in mind already! Start by jotting down questions that you may have about your space or the products that you’re interested in. This way you will have a clear direction as to where the project is heading and the products you can chose from.

        4. Budget

        A topic everybody tries to avoid, budget is the final step before you go ahead choosing and finalising your product selection. Take into account for not only everything that is going into the space, but also any construction costs you may have to be wary of, especially when renovating. Be honest with yourself and realistic with your budget.

        5. Styling Elements.

        The key to a perfect space, is when every element compliments each other. This doesn’t mean that everything has to necessarily ‘match’, but everything has been taken into consideration to work with the next element. To achieve this level of quality in your space, pair all your finishes together. For example, if you have satin chrome tapware, make sure to consider towel rails or wall sconces that are also satin chrome apposed to a standard chrome. Doing this will create a space that flows and is of a high quality, no matter what the budget.

         If you’ve got samples of other finishes in your home such as new timber floors you may be laying, bring these samples and products in to put against our tiles in the showroom. This will ensure that the bathroom design works with the rest of your home!

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