Weekly Blog | Styled Samples | - 19.10.2019

Weekly Blog | Styled Samples | - 19.10.2019


We're back with the latest blog! As a beginning to our Samples, we're introducing a range of pre-styled boxes just for you! 

Sometimes we just can't decided on what tile we want, it's something most of us have never thought about until we're faced with the question when renovating or building. With so many style options, once you do decide you're then faced with the many options that one tile may have. What size, shade, and finish? How are you possibly supposed to know what's best for the space?

With what feels like an impossible task, we've created a way to take the stress away from tile selection, making your life just that little bit easier and giving you an awesome foundation to the selections in your reno or new-build project!

Our Pre-styled Sample Boxes will consist of 5 Tiles, here's the breakdown- 

1x Basic and Clean Wall Tile,

2x Styled Tiles to use on both the Floor and Walls,

2x Feature Tiles, consisting of Mosaics, Encaustics, Subways and more!

This means you can play around with the tile options to create your perfect combination to give you the desired look while still meeting your budget!

Most bathrooms consist of two to three tiles, being the floor and walls, and sometimes a feature is introduced for your third design. The great thing about receiving 5 Samples, is you have the ability to use the tiles throughout the rest of your home, being assured that they all compliment each other and work together.

For example you could use the Clean White Wall Tile in the bathroom with your choice of Floor and Feature. The with the remaining two tiles, you now have your Living Area's Floor Tile and Kitchen Splashback, perfect!

Check out our insta @tilebathco for the link to our survey where we're collecting your opinion on what these styles should be! 

Thanks for reading this quick intro to a very exciting time here at Tile and Bath Co! Don't forget to check out our past blogs for some awesome design tips and general Interior Design banter, talk soon!

Noah Ricci


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