Weekly Blog | Discovering your style | - 04.06.2019

Weekly Blog | Discovering your style | - 04.06.2019


Renovating any space in your home can be a daunting task. The initial excitement of designing your new bathroom space for example can soon turn into an overwhelming experience, as you’re faced with endless options, styles and product variations.

The goal for an interior designer, is to bring ease to this process, creating a clear and concise design which speaks to your style and overall design goal. But what if you don’t know what your style is? With so many out there, it is easy to begin to doubt your choices.

This week, we’re talking design, and some easy tips on discovering your style.

- Where to start? Social Media.

The initial excitement is back, before you even start to look at products, start at looking at media platforms such as Pinterest or Instagram. They are the perfect place to gather your initial inspiration, as you can simply save or ‘pin’ what captures the eye.

Start by searching key words that can relate to your project, such as ‘bathroom renovation’. Also take in account where your project may be, for example ‘coastal living design’ or ‘country inspired interior design’. This may help you find other projects in similar locations to yours, letting you see what they’ve done and styles that they’ve implicated.

For example, when searching 'modern bathroom design' into Pinterest, you'll find this recently renovated 30's Californian Bungalow, credit to image by Mim Design and Seidler Architects.

Elements for example that can be taken from this project, is the use of natural timbers on the vanity, black tapware and fixtures, and how they've used the same tile on the floors and walls. These are currently popular trends in bathroom design, and can implemented in your project.

The key to social media is not over thinking the photos you save, the more photos the better! Save everything you’re naturally drawn to, and soon you’ll have built up a constantly growing portfolio of inspiration for your project.

- What next? Take Notes.

From saving photos, you’ll find that all the images share a common theme. Hopefully they have similar elements in them such as their colour palette, textures, or materiality. Start observing these elements and list the re-accruing features that you’re drawn to in each image.

For example, look for colour combinations that continue to re-occur in your saved projects. Are you drawn to dark moody tones, or light and bright airy spaces? Are the colours minimal and clean, or do they feature strong contrasting tones or pattern? Look for elements such as texture and materiality as well. Are the projects using timbers, or natural stones in the space? Are you drawn to the softness and warmth from natural fibers and materials?

I find that I am drawn to interiors which take modern pieces, and use them in a tradition way. Here for example is at first glance a pretty classic bathroom design, credit to image by Sunny Circle Studio. 

But after a closer look, you notice that the tapware, mirror and bath are all modern designs, just finished with aged brass to tie in with the classic feeling of the space. This technique is also seen on the wall tile, a typical white mosaic which has been laid in a herringbone pattern. 

Understanding what you’re drawn to is the beginning point to discovering your style. It also gives us the ability to understand what is a ‘must’ in your design, and how we can speak to your style through the use of tile selection, finishes, fixtures and final styling elements.  

Credit to image by Two in Twelve Bathrooms.

Credit to image by D+D Home, Victoria Cottage 

Above are two popular yet timeless styles that we're always being asked about, those being 'Scandi' and 'Hamptons'. In the weeks to come we'll be looking into these interior styles and how you can translate them into your bathroom space!

Tell us what you think of this blog and what you'd like to hear about in the future!

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