Weekly Blog | Designing the right Joinery | - 15.11.2019

Weekly Blog | Designing the right Joinery | - 15.11.2019

  • Different Designs- What are you working with?
  • Storage- How do you use the space?
  • Lighting- Are you using the right type?

Happy Friday, that's if you're reading this when freshly posted. Otherwise, welcome, here are some tips I think are important to think about when entering a new space I'm designing custom joinery for.

When considering a piece of joinery for your home, there is an overwhelming amount of things to consider, from how the space around it will be used to the final colours you choose. Where do you start, and how do you make sure you're getting the most for your money? We always start with these easy tips to get the ball rolling. 

  •  Different Designs.

 What are we working with, from kitchen joinery to robe joinery, these considerations are all equally as important. I like to start with the layout of the room, are we dealing with corners, and if so how many? Listed are some of the most common joinery designs based on the room:

U-Shape, One of the most common designs for kitchen and robe joinery, U-Shape joinery is perfect for one who needs storage and lots of it! Cons of these designs is they can appear bulky or clustered, especially when overhead cabinets are introduced or the space is in an open floorplan. 

L-Shape, Sociable and great for kitchen spaces, we recommend keeping all the joinery in the one colour or similar tones to make for a cleaner look. Although a consideration is the lack of 'Working Triangle'.

Galley, Whenever its a kitchen or WIR, Galley Joinery is a great way to maximize storage and keep the 'Working Triangle' without corners! One of our favourite and forever timeless designs, Galley Joinery is common for kitchen design and has started to become the best go-to in robe design. 

The perks of the Galley Kitchen is the similar layout can be applied to kitchens with an islands. Islands are great for a focal point in the room when you have an open layout, and have proven to great entertaining spaces in all modern homes!


  •  Storage.

Understanding how we use our joinery is important to make sure we make the most of the space! First thing that can change the way we adapt the layout is drawers apposed to doors?

Drawers are a great way to make the most of the space, as you have the ability to bring the storage to you. This isn't just for the typical cutlery drawer, but can be used for every aspect in the space. Pantry's, dishwashers, and deep drawers for pots, pans and plates to shallow drawers for utensils and chopping boards. 

We like to feature open shelving aswell, integrated especially between overhead cabinetry. This is a great way to feature books, plants and cooking utensils. Or in the WIR for jewelry and bags! 

  •  Lighting. 

There are as many as three types of lighting to consider in your space, all of which play an important role to make joinery feel more inviting, lighter, and larger. 

Natural Lighting, this is something we just can't control. Natural lighting can depict the colours we choose and the level of artificial lighting we need. Some natural light can be quite bright and warm. Although others can have the ability to cast shadows and appear quite cool. It's important to choose tiles for example that are the right tone for the lighting that is predominately in the room. 

Also considering lighting for mirror use also, as having a bring light facing towards you when getting ready is a whole lot easier than light behind you that creates shadows around your face! From this, we have seen a huge influx in ring light mirrors, the use of strip lights around shaving cabinets and pendants that serve a functional purpose. 

Talking about functional pendants- Lighting over preparation spaces is also important to create ease of use over the kitchen island when cooking and cleaning. 

Thanks for tuning into this weeks quick tips when starting out with a joinery design, let me know if you have any more ideas which you think are crucial! I'd love to hear how you start designing joinery, or both the positives and negatives you're facing in your space! 

Thanks again, chat soon 

Noah Ricci- Interior Designer

- All images credit to Tile and Bath Co Pinterest under our 'BLOG INSPO' Board



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