Refresh Your Bathroom - 4 Easy Steps

A clean home is the best kind of home. Especially a clean bathroom or floor! Let's discover 4 easy steps to keep your tiled surfaces fresh and clean, so you can love them for years to come!

1. Refresh | Deep Clean

Whether it is a bathroom wall tile, shower floor tile or just main floor tile, the first and best option to keep them looking and feeling fresh is the most simple: clean them regularly. It may seem obvious, but trust us, we know that life gets in the way and day to day cleaning can fall to the wayside very quickly. Using Aquamix Concentrated Stone & Tile Cleaner ( you can follow the instructions and dilute down with water, when used regularly it prevents soap scum build up and hard water deposits, leaving your bathroom or floor smelling and looking clean and fresh. It is also ideal for all other surfaces in the house as it's a PH Neutral Cleaner and won't damage any surface. It is also safe to use around kids and pets!


When it comes to deep cleaning, there are a few signs to look for on your tiles. They are:


  • Visible marks on your bathroom floor tile, from soap, toothpaste etc.
  • There's a haze on the surface of your tile. This comes from grime build up over time. Yuck!
  • Your grout has discoloured. Maybe it used to be white but overtime it has turned a light brownish colour?.


To complete a successful deep clean of your tiled surfaces you will want to follow these easy steps . 


  1. First vacuum the area. This removes any surface dirt or dust. During the mopping process if you have not removed surface dirt or dust it can work its way further into the grout joints or surface of the tile. 
  2. Using Aquamix Heavy - Duty Tile & Grout Cleaner ( you can follow the instructions and dilute down with water as recommended, this cleaner is specifically formulated for heavy build up of dirt and grime. 
  3. Using Aquamix Concentrated Stone & Tile Cleaner ( you can follow the instructions and dilute with water, give your areas another mop over with this solution to clean off the loosened dirt and grime. 


Your tiled surfaces will now be clean and fresh and your house will feel like a home again! 

2. Refresh | Reseal Your Tiles

Let’s say your tiles and grout are beyond a deep clean, there's no amount of scrubbing that can get the grout back to its former glory.

 Assuming you have just cleaned the areas using step 1 but the grout is just not perfect. Tile & Bath Co have you covered. Using Aqua Mix Grout Colorant, ( you can choose from our range of colours or ask us for some advice ( Follow the instructions carefully and apply colorant to your grout joints, wipe off excess with a damp clean sponge or cloth. This is a specially formulated Epoxy which is safe, easy to use with maximum stain resistance. It's also built in Microban mould and mildew resistance. 


You can now apply a sealer to the surface of your tiles, Using Aqua Mix Sealers Choice Gold - Rapid Cure (insert URL) follow the instructions and apply to the surface of your tiles, be sure to wipe excess off with a clean microfiber cloth to reduce streaking. This sealer is a high performance sealer with Microban Technology which will create a mould and mildew resistant surface. 


Now that you have done these steps, just follow the Refresh instructions in Step 1 and your tiles and grout will remain fresh and clean for years to come. 


3. Regrout Your Tiles

Another option is to simply just regrout your tiles. This is a perfect option if your grout is cracking or if your grout is falling out of the tile joint all together. Check out our How To Regrout Your Tiles Blog or contact our helpful tile experts for some free advice.

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  • Complete Retile

    The final option is completely retiling your space. This provides your home with a completely fresh slate to start from. Plus as a bonus you can update the look and feel of your home so you can enjoy it for years to come. Tile & Bath Co can help you find the perfect tile for the space contact us today for a free design consultation. ‘



    We hope that with these 4 options, you’ll find the best way to refresh your bathroom tiles and enjoy your space once again. 


    Happy cleaning!