Hiring a tradesman to work on your home can be a tricky task, but it doesn't have to be. It can be as easy as following this step by step process to find and hire the perfect fit for your project and of course your budget. 

  1. Ask your friends and family; this is the best way to find trades. Word of mouth and recommendations are the lifeblood of a good contractor. The key is to ask multiple people and get a minimum of 3 recommendations. Remember that you need to have a good connection with your contractor in order to have a strong working relationship. So getting multiple quotes and talking with different contractors is the best way to find your perfect match. 
  2. Social media and search platforms like Google are a great way to find contractors. This is an easy way to see reviews and testimonials from past clients, images of work they have completed as well as a direct way of contacting your contractor. 
  3. If it's a renovation, start shopping. Looking online at websites like tileandbathco.com.au or instore and asking the people in the know will help start to build budget, styles and concepts. If you have a good idea of the finishes and styles you are going for then when it comes to getting quotes you will be able to pass this information on in order to get an accurate estimate that has no surprises later on.
  4. Punctuality and politeness are the sign of a good contractor. These are qualities that usually show a well run business and someone who cares about their customers and the company image. A good contractor should be well educated in their craft and have a good understanding of the job at hand. They should have all the answers for all of your questions and make you feel comfortable that they are in your home. 

Knowing what to ask a contractor can make all the difference!

Do your research. Researching your specific project can be very useful when it comes time to break down a quote you have received or even being able to correctly explain what it is you would like done. The more you know about your project the easier it will be for a contractor to correctly quote your work. 

You want to ask things like;

  • Will you be completing the work yourself or do you use subcontractors?
  • Are you fully insured?
  • Are you licensed to carry out the works you have quoted for?
  • Will you include everything needed to complete all works or will I need to do some myself? For example, some builders will leave things off quotes like painting. 
  • How soon can you start if I give the go ahead?
  • How long will the project take to complete?
  • Do you have preferred suppliers? And will you look after deliveries and ordering of products?

Don't be afraid to ask the hard questions. It's your home after all! 

Remember that cheapest isn't alway best. It could end up costing you more in the long run.