Top 3 Benefits of Terrazzo Flooring In Luxury Homes

Terrazzo tiles are becoming more popular by the day, both in residential and commercial homes. While the sudden surge in demand might be due to its unmatched versatility, many luxury homeowners now prefer to use terrazzo tiles in their kitchen and bathroom floors and every other significant area of the home.

Top 3 Benefits of Terrazzo Flooring In Luxury Homes

If you are a luxury homeowner and know what you stand to gain for installing terrazzo tiles in your home, you would not want to patronize any other type of tiles. Though it might be somewhat expensive, you wouldn't mind the price if you consider the incredible benefits of terrazzo flooring.

Luxury Homes and The New Terrazzo Tiles

Have you ever imagined what could cause the fast-growing trend of installing terrazzo floor tiles in luxury homes? It is reasonable. Luxury homes need to project an elegant and expensive appearance. Hence, every single space in the house needs to look its best. 

Allow me to paint a picture: when you step into a luxury home, what is the first thing you notice? The solid and beautiful-looking doors? The dazzling expensive chandelier lightings? The paintings and decorations? What do you think? Well, I don’t know what easily catches your attention, but most people (especially building experts) judge a luxury home by the flooring.

If the flooring is wrong, it reduces the value of the building no matter how much you spend on decorating the walls, ceiling, and the likes. That is why most luxury homeowners use terrazzo tiles to create a perfect look and win the heart of guests right from the flooring. 

Terrazzo tiles work wonders on the floor. As we speak, terrazzo flooring is one of the best interior design materials available. 

In Australia, luxury homes are becoming more dominant in several neighborhoods, acting like the trendsetters for people who have yet to build their homes. Since everyone seems to be following this new trend of building high-end homes in Australia, terrazzo tiles are becoming a familiar home flooring alternative for building contractors and aspiring homeowners.

Now, what are the benefits of terrazzo flooring in luxury homes? Let’s consider the top three.

1. Terrazzo Tiles Increases Home Value

Have you heard the term ‘Home inspection’ before?  If you are very familiar with the traditional home buying or selling process, you would have heard much about the phrase. 

When in any home buying or selling process, there must be a time when the owner will have to open up the home for interested buyers to come in and inspect the entire space to see whether the price you call matches the value and the quality of the home. 

One of the key places that can project the actual value of a home and motivate buyers to pay more dearly is the flooring quality. Now, this is where terrazzo flooring can give you a huge advantage. Terrazzo tiles showcase nothing short of high quality and elegance. No buyer would want to pay less for a classic luxury look.

Terrazzo Tiles Increases Home Value

2. It Helps in The Open Concept

If you have ever watched a home buying or selling show in recent years, ‘Open concept’ will not be strange to you. Nowadays, there is a new trend of opening up living spaces in a home, breaking down the walls, and linking the kitchen to other areas, primarily for entertaining reasons. 

This new trend is becoming more prominent in luxury living and casual everyday household practices, to use terrazzo tiles create a with wide-open kitchens and easily-accessed event space. It also serves as an upgrade to guide high home purchases. This new terrazzo flooring trend has come to stay. It is a contemporary classic home upgrade that will remain for many more years to come. But is presently becoming the newest norm for interior design for luxury homes across the country.

The open concept makes the use of terrazzo flooring a massive benefit for homeowners because it involves creating a wide-open space to show off some of the greatest assets of a home, including the flooring type. 

Wooden flooring would not be an advantage because it composes several smaller planks. When it comes to luxury home flooring design, terrazzo tiles give luxury homeowners a very smooth surface to build their open concept. 

While this open concept effect might not matter when walls are present, the absence of walls will make your terrazzo tiles shine brighter in all-new ways. Knowing how versatile terrazzo tiles can be, you don’t have to be amazed. However, terrazzo tiles are becoming the most commonly used flooring design in large, open commercial flooring applications, including hotels or commercial office building’s lobbies. 

3. It Creates A Brighter Shine

Another popular factor that makes terrazzo tiles a favorite interior design material for architects, contractors, and homeowners is that it makes the home interior space shine brighter. Terrazzo tiles enable homeowners to place a lot (or a little) shine on the floor. 

I know this may not sound like something fascinating. Still, when you combine the glittering terrazzo tiles with the shimmering floor, high-quality floor-to-ceiling windows, premium French doors, and wide-open space to entertain guests, then that seemingly little shine suddenly becomes an excellent floor design feature. 

Since most luxury homes always have many top-quality windows that bring in copious natural light to enrich guests’ views, terrazzo tiles become an integral part of the bedroom’s design.  Not only that, but it also illuminates the tall ceilings usually found in luxury homes. 

Now, what do you think of the perfect combination of shinning terrazzo tiles with a modern design perfectly coordinated to the space furniture and décor? It is nothing short of an incredible showstopper.

It Creates A Brighter Shine

Final Words

Terrazzo tiles are the next best flooring option for luxury homes. While some homeowners do not know how to take advantage of the artistic design abilities of these classic tiles,  many have been utilising its unique colors and patterns to beautify their overall decor or home design.