Pros And Cons To Using Brushed Brass Tapware In Your Bathroom

Are you redesigning your bathroom space or creating a brand new aesthetic with your bathroom decor? If so, then you should always consider the choice of your tapware carefully. Taps and faucets can have a distinct impact on the overall design. Due to their colours and shades, they will often stand out from the rest of the bathroom. They are also available in a variety of different styles, designs, and finishes. One finish worth considering is brushed brass tapware. 

What Is Brushed Brass Tapware? 

brushed brass tapware

Brushed brass tapware is brass that has been treated to ensure that it has a duller, matt look. This distinguishes it from typical brass finishes that are more polished. 

Essentially, brushed brass will replicate a typical gold tone without the shininess or high-profile gloss that is associated with this material. However, it will still provide an authentic, classy gold glamour. 

Due to it being duller than other types of brass, the finish is not reflective. Whether this is the right choice for your space will depend on the aesthetic you wish to create. 

Pros Of Brushed Brass Tapware

Brushed tapware provides various benefits for designers or homeowners, keen to create a new look and feel for their bathroom space. 

Suitable For A Wide Range Of Design Styles

In the past, brushed brass tapware was commonly chosen for bathroom styles that were either designed to be traditional or with a heritage look in mind. Today, they are also a common addition to modern and contemporary bathroom designs. Part of the appeal here is that the contrast can be visually striking and appealing. Particularly, when a choice like this is paired with a typical modern style. For instance, brushed brass tapware will stand out beautifully against an otherwise all-white bathroom that has timber accents. 

Create Balance

Brushed brass tapware can provide balance to your room design too. You might style your bathroom space with greys or different shades of blue including dark shades like navy. The problem is that this will create a room with a cool tone. Brushed brass will provide more warmth and balance overall. 

No Smudges Or Fingerprints 

One of the advantages of using brushed brass tapware instead of typical brass tapware is that smudges and fingerprints will be virtually invisible. Polished brass tapware sounds like a stunning choice in theory. However, as soon as you start to touch them, the fingerprints will be as clear as day. This can ruin the aesthetic of the room if you are one to notice little details like this. Brass and similar tapware will need to be polished and cleaned regularly to avoid this issue. You won’t have this problem with brushed brass due to the duller, more subtle tone. 

Less Extravagant

Another advantage compared to typical brass tapware comes from the muted tone. As mentioned, this tapware style does have a look that makes it seem slightly worn. As such, it won’t stand out as much compared to the alternative. The benefit of this is that it won’t draw attention away from the rest of the bathroom design. Instead, it will blend in more naturally while still providing a somewhat understated elegance. This is one of the reasons why the choice has become so popular for modern bathrooms. It’s perfect for those who want this specific shade without the glossy shine. 

Perfect As A Central Feature

Are you interested in adding a feature piece to your bathroom? You can use brushed brass tapware to create this type of element. To do this, you should install the tapware as a wall mixer. This will create a fantastic contrast with the right splashback that can make the entire design pop and stand out from the rest of the bathroom. It will provide an immediate talking point and draw the attention of anyone who walks into the room. 

More Durable 

One final benefit to keep in mind is that brushed brass tapware is more durable compared to other finish alternatives. This doesn’t just mean that it will attract fewer fingerprints overall. It also ensures that the modern look will be far easier to maintain compared to other alternatives. A couple of wipes with a cloth every so often is all it will take to maintain this beautiful part of your bathroom. 

Cons Of Brushed Brass Tapware 

bathroom tapware

Although there are plenty of benefits of choosing brushed brass tapware for your bathroom space, there are a few issues that you should be aware of too. 


One of the most significant issues with brushed brass tapware is the cost. It is more expensive compared to various other finishes. This is what you pay for that specific aesthetic in your bathroom space. Ultimately, you will need to decide whether it is worth the cost to achieve a beautiful design. 

Hard To Find Accessories To Match 

Tapware should match various other accessories in your bathroom space. This includes elements like the plug as well as the wastes. The problem is that these aren’t always easy to find in that specific shade. If you do find them, then they could be a little more costly than you’d like, again, leading to a higher price for your bathroom renovation. 

Can Make Your Bathroom Look Dated

One of the main strengths of brushed brass tapware can also be its greatest weakness. While the faded, worn look of brushed brass tapware can provide a unique design for your bathroom space, it might also have a negative impact. It could make your bathroom look old or dated due to wear and tear. This is why it’s important to choose the other features and elements of your bathroom design carefully to ensure that they complement the feature and help ensure an elegant or glamorous feel. 

We hope this helps you understand some of the key pros and cons of brushed brass tapware for your bathroom. You can explore our full selection today or peruse some of the other finishes available from our store.