Must-Know Tips for Laying Bathroom Tiles

As it pertains to covering the wall and floor of the bathroom, tiles play a vital role. There are many benefits that homeowners and interior designers find with bathroom tiles. For one, they are highly hygienic and easy to clean, not to take of their visual appeal in terms of aesthetic value. Moreover, as you consider these properties having immense value, then you may want to consider pitching your investment along with this precious material. 

Moreover, the right choice of bathroom tiles can add immense value to your home. But before you run too far, what is the first information you must have at your fingertips if you mean business to succeed here. So, consider the following essential points before you resolve to go for bathroom tiles.


1. What is your Budget?

Budget - Bathroom Tiles

Having a clear budget is one of the fundamental things you need to take care of when choosing bathroom tiles. For one, the range of options you have is plenty and therefore warrants making an informed decision. The moment you start to think about buying bathroom tiles, it is equally time to think about how much you are willing to spend on them. 

For instance, are you on a tight budget with restricted spending or the freedom to stretch and spend? Ceramic bathroom tiles work perfectly for tight budgets because they are durable, affordable and look stunning and lovely after installation. However, when you have more cash to throw around, you can choose one of the natural bathroom tiles as a perfect option. 

These tiles have the power to transform your bathroom into a simply luxurious haven. Furthermore, depending on the size of the room, you can use a tile calculator (an online tool) to obtain the total number of tiles you need for the desired area. In addition, you should include an extra 10% to make up for any loss of tiles due to breakage or chipping. 


2. What is the best size of bathroom tiles?

Best size - Bathroom Tiles

The next question you may what to ask is how big your choice bathroom tiles should be? In other words, what is the best size of bathroom tiles that you can use for your project? Firstly, note that the size of your bathroom is indispensable in determining the size of the tiles you require to fill the space. If there is any general rule to that effect, perhaps a larger surface area requires larger sizes of tiles. On the other hand, smaller spaces attract smaller pieces of tiles.

Otherwise, there are no hard and fast rules to picking the right bathroom tile size and because it leaves little imagination and creativity. On the flip side, you can easily decorate a small bathroom with large tiles and still achieve an exquisite output. Consequently, large tiles have a way of looking very dramatic and striking at the same time in smaller bathrooms. 

Perhaps the first reason is that the larger tiles attract fewer cuts and lead to a neater, cleaner and more professional look. However, smaller metro bathroom tiles, in particular, are increasing in relevance in modern-day interior design. However, they may slightly increase the amount of time and effort required to obtain the best results. And before you install them, ensure you have done your homework, which needs proper measurement of sizes. 


3. What are the preparatory steps to take before tiling?

Suitable bathroom Tiles

Now that you have come this far on your decision on bathroom tiles, the complicated equation is already settled. But right before you jump into the actual process of installation, ensure you have the waterproof quality intact that surrounds your bath and shower. Essentially, these two areas receive more water and therefore warrant some level of precaution. Besides, it is more straightforward with the available waterproof kits and wall matting items to make things easier. 

You have yet another decision to make: to decide where all the items are in the homestay. For instance, where do you intend to fit the walls' fittings, fixtures, frames, and ledges? Next is to highlight the areas where you want to have these items. An essential purpose is to ensure that every other technician knows where to avoid drilling holes for lines. At least, you electricians, plumbers and other tradespeople need the guide.

T is also critical to draw up a plan for laying your tiles before you begin the process at all. Moreover, as you build from top to bottom, you can even get better at it and create a more professional job free from untidy cut tiles and superfluous looks. You may not have to always bother about having it all laid perfectly on the first try, especially if you have to do it yourself. Even modern bathrooms may not have all uniform sizes and shapes of bathroom tiles.


4. How can you choose suitable bathroom tiles for the job?

Now we have arrived at the crux of the whole matter: what is the best type of bathroom tile for your project? If you permit to go to the underlying factor, you should first learn that the choice of bathroom tile depends on your budget, theme and personal taste. It is also essential to consider the area's nature where you intend to install the bathroom tiles. For instance, if you are installing them on the floor, you need durable and highly texture types of tiles.

Some of the highly recommended bathroom floor tiles include glazed porcelain and travertine tiles. Closely related ones have ceramic designs that can be more adventurous and similar to the wood effect tiles, depending on your preference. Also, when you are installing tiles over wood, the floor returns a hot underfoot feeling. However, cement covered flooring may attract some underfloor heating.



Finally, this article hopefully brings you the detailed process of choosing the suitable bathroom tiles for your project. Meanwhile, it also leads in how you can follow to achieve the best result from the available materials. Not only so, but you can explore what options remain there to choose from. If you hope to get more information, especially about the right items, you may explore our store opportunities.