Living Room Floor Tiles of Every Kind and Style

Want to complete the look? Choose the right tiles.

Your living room is a hub of family activity, which is why choosing the right interior design features is absolutely vital if you want to build a happy home. As with any room, starting from the ground up is a great way to approach the upgrade project. Floor tiles have become an increasingly popular solution.

Here at Tiles & Bath Co., we can help you find the perfect living room floor tiles for any style of property or design. Whether you’ve just moved into a new home or want to give your living spaces some much-needed TLC, this quick guide should provide valuable inspiration.

Why Floor Tiles?

Floor tiles can play a significant role in renovating several rooms from bathrooms to kitchens. However, they can also deliver a stunning choice for living room upgrades. Some of the most attractive features of choosing living room floor tiles include but are not limited to;

  • There are designs to suit virtually every living room vibe.
  • They can be installed by most DIY enthusiasts.
  • Floor tiles provide underfloor heating - 15% of heat is lost through the floor.
  • Quality floor tiles are durable and require minimal maintenance.
  • They provide a distinct look that can guide future interior design choices.

When you want a fast, affordable, and effective way to transform the look of your lounge, living room floor tiles are ideal.

8 Great Floor Tiles to Revamp Your Living Room in Style

No two homes or families are the same, which is why you need to find living room floor tiles that suit your particular preferences. There are plenty of options available, our experts have picked out eight of the best.

1. Classic White Lia Tile

The Classic White Lia Tile is fantastic for bathroom floor tiles but can be equally stunning in a modern living room that seeks a timeless appeal. It’s clean, clear, and works exceptionally well with a minimalist style and furniture choices made from natural materials like wood or marble.

If you want to make the room appear bigger by reflecting the light, this is a fantastic choice while adding houseplants will bring a natural vibe too. When revamping a living room, the rectified edge style with a matte finish is probably the most suitable solution.

2. Ivory Till Tundra Stone Look Tiles

The gold veins of the Ivory Till Tundra Stone Look Tiles are sure to give your living room an eye-catching sense of luxury, not least when it catches the summer light. When coupled with the way that the Tundra styled Porcelain serves as the perfect contrast against dark wood tables, it has become an ideal foundation for marrying rustic vibes with a contemporary feel.

While available in various sizes, the large 1200mm x 600mm design creates an instantly eye-catching finish. A slightly textured touch works wonders for gaining a distinct luxury atmosphere too.

3. Ivory Mila Terrazzo Look Tile

Simple yet stylish, the Ivory Mila Terrazzo Look Tile is a textured tile that serves as the perfect living room tile for white coffee tables and TV stands. It can also be paired with cream or brown rugs to create a comfortable and homely atmosphere. The 10mm thick tiles offer good insulation properties too.

It is additionally an exceptional choice for anyone who wants a durable floor tile that can flow out through the sliding doors and into the garden patio. Turning your internal and external spaces into one large living space never looked more stylish.

4. Natural White Hunter Travertine Look Tile

The Natural White Hunter Travertine Look Tile is light enough to open up your living room space while still having enough stylistic detail to create an eye-catching sense of luxury. It is a particularly good choice if you are planning to accentuate your living spaces with a palette of baby blues, light mint greens, or egg yolk yellows.

Available in 300mm or 600mm squares, finding a living room floor tile that’s suited to the dimensions of your room should be an easy task. The timeless appearance and durable materials will deliver a solution that can take pride in your home for years.

5. Light Grey Lucas Look Tile

If you like to regularly alter the interior design of your living room, the Light Grey Lucas Look Tile is a fantastic choice. The textured porcelain tile can be used for everything from rustic to contemporary living rooms while it can be beautifully paired with black, blue, white, brown, or grey sofas as well as a wide range of coffee table styles and materials.

It is a tile that can also be worked into rooms that feature chrome, copper, or gold features. As a slightly darker tile than the white versions, it is a good choice when you want the hallway to utilize the same tile as dirt from feet won’t be as visible.

6. Ivory Luna Limestone Look Tiles

The Ivory Luna Limestone Look Tile is far more affordable than genuine limestone and equally beautiful. In fact, it offers a more uniform look from one tile to the next, which gives the living room an amazing sense of style that features subtle veins and dimples.

This style of living room floor tile is available in 600mm x 300mm, 600mm, or 1200mm dimensions. The 1200mm are particularly ideal when wanting to work with a long galley living room or an open living room/dining room area.

7. Light Grey Mila Terrazzo Look Tile

The Light Grey Mila Terrazoo Look Tile is an ideal choice when building a rustic living room atmosphere and works very well with brown furniture choices. Alternatively, it can be used as the starting point for an ultra-modern look with an all-grey colour scheme.

A textured surface is comfortable underfoot and brings added personality to the room. The colour is light enough to keep the room looking big while the grey can deliver a cosy appeal that is less prone to damage from messy kids in the process.

8. Tan Tilly Tundra Stone Look Tile

When looking to incorporate homely yet stylish beige color schemes, the Tan Tilly Tundra Stone Look Tile is the perfect starting point. Plush armchairs or velvet materials will come to life by the living room floor tiles, especially when subtle table lamp lighting is used.

Individual tiles can range from 75 x 300mm to 600mm squares, thus providing excellent flexibility for living rooms of various shapes and sizes. The floor transformation can be completed with a faux fur rug.

The Final Word

Living room floor tiles can have the same level of impact on your home as bathroom floor tiles or kitchen floor tiles. Given that this room is where you spend time together as a family, the influence on your quality of life can be simply incredible. 

To discover the best floor tiles that add value to the property as well as your family life, get in touch with Tile & Bath Co. today.