How to get your bathroom looking 5-star
How to make your bathroom looking 5-star

Want a bathroom that has the elegance and comfort of a five-star hotel in your own home? There's no need to undertake a full-scale remodeling at this time. Adding a touch of tapware glam to your bathroom does not always need a complete overhaul of the space.

Consider any of these decorative tapware accents for a more luxurious-looking bathroom that requires the least amount of work while producing maximum results.

1. Make sure your tapware is up to date.

However, although you will need the services of a plumber, changing your bathroom tapware is a simple and very effective method to add a bit of glam to your space.

Consider creating a moodboard or a Pinterest page to help you get the desired effect. After that, you may select which type of tapware would work best for you.

"While it may seem like a little detail, the design of your tapware serves as a building block to assist convey your style scheme," says Luli Farrell, co-founder and product designer at ABI Interiors.

The circular form of our Milani mixer series is an example of how we suggest geometrically shaped tapware mixers for more modern bathrooms: Our Barre and Elysian mixes would be suitable for a more delicate yet still beautiful look."

Luli also recommends evaluating your area and considering the size of your taps in order to prevent having taps that don't fit or appear out of place.

"Take into consideration the size of your bathroom," she continues. "Can the goods' dimensions be accommodated?" As an example, when utilizing standard-sized spouts in a small bathroom or powder room, the space may seem disproportionate."


2. Make an investment in your towels.

The impact that new towels (which include hand towels and bathmats) can have on your home will astound you, especially if it has been a while since you last changed your towels.

In order to get a high-quality set – one that is both attractive and comfortable to use – you can expect to pay between $40 and $60 per bath towel (more if you want the bigger, more luxurious "bath sheet").

However, there are many low-cost alternatives available on the market that provide enough comfort, environmental friendliness, and aesthetic appeal in their own right.

2. Make an investment in your towels.

3. Consider your available storage space.

Clutter is the nemesis of a high-end appearance. For those who have things strewn over their floors, tapware vanity counters, and shelves, begin brainstorming creative methods to organize and store them.

Is it possible to include any kind of shelf device into the area, or do you just need some sort of drawer organizers?

Small restrooms may be at a disadvantage in this situation. As a result, think vertically. Instead of cramming all of your towels into a towel rack, hang a few towel hooks from the ceiling.

In fact, hanging hooks may be utilized to store toilet paper as well as other items. Simply get a beautiful basket or bag and hang a few rolls of toilet paper on the wall.

4. Invest in a heated towel bar.

Heated towel rails not only provide maximum comfort and a hotel-like experience in the privacy of your own bathroom, but they also have a number of other useful functions.

According to Luli, "having freshly laundered, warm towels ready at your convenience is an unparalleled pleasure."

By reducing the likelihood of mould spreading in a wet tapware environment, they serve as a barrier to sanitary conditions." It's also a good idea to stack two or three of them on top of each other for maximum convenience."


5. Decorate it with paint

If you have any un-tiled sections in your bathroom tapware, it may be time to repaint the walls and ceiling. Experiment with a different color scheme and coordinate some new towels and accessories to go with the new color palette.

It's important to note that if you're doing it yourself, you must follow all of the necessary procedures for waterproofing and choosing the correct paint for moisture resistance.


6. Take use of opulent showers.

Everyone desires a bathroom that is worthy of a five-star hotel — and the secret to achieving this is the use of a rain shower head.

In order for a rain tapware shower to properly capture the sensation of rain, Luli recommends that the shower head be placed precisely above the user's head.

"Either get a shower arm that mimics that position or use a shower dropper that is attached to the ceiling. In the event that you decide to use a shower dropper, ensure sure there is sufficient ceiling clearance to support it."

Meanwhile, if you don't want to or are unable to run plumbing through your ceiling, you can still install a rainfall shower on your wall — all you need is an arm that is long enough.

According to Luli, the Finley Shower Rail Set is a good choice since it can accommodate both a rain shower head and a hand shower fixture, if the user wants additional choices.

An elegant 250mm circular waterfall shower head is offered from ABI as part of their shower head collection, which is available in eight different finishes ranging from matte black to brushed brass to chrome tapware.


7. Replace or upgrade light fixtures.

The addition of new light fixtures, whether they be wall sconces or pendant lights, may make a significant difference in a room's overall sense of luxury, according to Luli.

The installation of a mirror with LED backlighting is still another possibility. Besides being functional, it gives a bathroom an extravagant Hollywood vibe, says the designer.

8. Incorporate some greenery.

What have you been doing to over the last five years, if indoor plants haven't taken over your house and taken over?

Indoor plants are not only excellent for cleaning the air, but they also have the ability to liven up any drab, lifeless room.

The finest kinds for your bathroom are ones that thrive in damp environments and don't need direct sunshine to thrive. This contains ferns, orchids, pothos, and a plethora of other plants. If you're not sure, check with your local plant nursery.


9. Decorate in a stylish manner.

A stylish flourish would be a nice addition to a lot of your basic bathroom décor. Perhaps a porcelain soap dispenser, a beautiful woven toilet paper basket, or a bamboo bath caddy might be appropriate for your area. Even things that are very useful, such as your toilet brush, no longer have to be dowdy and ugly.

When it comes to luxury, Luli believes that fragrance may be a very effective decorating element.

This is a sense that we sometimes overlook when it comes to interior design, but adding one of your favorite scents into the bathroom may help elevate the area to new heights."


10. Clean it up a little.

Giving your bathroom a well-deserved spring clean is the most effective method to increase its luxurious feel.

Clear out those cabinets, dust those light fixtures, and get that grout back on track!

Simply cleaning the shower screens with Windex, mopping the floor thoroughly, and removing soap scum and dirt from moist places can make a significant difference in how well a bathroom looks.