Best Ways to Use All-White Bathroom Tiles

Best Ways to Use All-White Bathroom Tiles

There are several ways to create stunning beauty in your bathroom, and one of the determining factors is the color combination. So, having different hues to your choices brings the whole area alive. For instance, an all-white bathroom is a popular choice in modern interior designs for many homeowners. Perhaps this choice's fundamental reason is that many people associate the white color with purity, cleanliness, and modern-day usage.

However, a few people may still consider the white color to be bland or stark. Whichever portion of the divide you fall, if you apply some of our suggestions in this article, you can make better designs with more appealing looks. Let us begin to explore these methods below:


5 Top Tips for all white bathroom tiles

There are different ways to use an all-white bathroom tile design to create a stylish look. However, the first key to note is that an all-white design often requires unique materials with the right texture. These details matter a lot in the adventure of creating boldness when adding unique accessories. On the contrary, if you understate the white design in your home interior, you can create a rather cold and dull look.


1.Change your vanity

Change Your Vanity

The type of vanity you have in your bathroom is an excellent place to recreate the interior outlook. Therefore, you can begin to design an all-white bathroom with the right vanity choice in terms of color and size. For instance, a wooden vanity can help you break up the flow of the white color and enhance your overall bathroom design. At the same time, you can ground the available space and spice things up with a more homely and inviting look. 


2. Use the faucet to set the tone of the bathroom

Use the faucet to set the tone of the bathroom

Although one may not readily see the importance of the faucet, the truth is that it is an excellent way to begin to set the tone for your design. In the overall scheme of arrangements involving bathroom tiles, the faucet of the tapware helps to resonate with the underlying theme of your bathroom. Meanwhile, there is a wide range of faucet selections to choose from while ensuring that it contains a durable material and fits into the reserved space. For instance, you can either choose the traditional chrome or get more style by using bronze. However, many homeowners who plan to set an all-white theme prefer to use chrome because it reflects well with the color and completes the overall look. 


3. An eye-catching mirror can bring in magic

An eye-catching mirror can bring in magic

A magical addition to an all-white bathroom theme is an eye-catching mirror to get things into a perfect shape. Using a rectangular mirror can enhance your chances of creating an all-white bathroom, especially if you get a nice bordered one. Besides, another good way to do the job in your bathroom is to make that item count. The reason is simple: a good mirror is a vital part of our daily routines, and you must make it count for everyone who uses it. Meanwhile, bear in mind that an attention-grabbing mirror in your bathroom can give an extensive design in the end.


4. Bathroom design with subway tiles

Bathroom design with subway tiles

It is not uncommon to find interior bathroom designs in the subway pattern. So, it is hard to flip through any home design magazine and not see a subway-style in there. In other words, the subway design for bathroom tiles is one of the most typical styles anyone could try out with the home interior. The pattern has a long history and reputation that can easily combine with any overall theme you have in mind for your bathroom. 

You can even begin to consider that the subway tile design can hardly go out of style or lose its trendy quality. Meanwhile, the subway bathroom tiles follow the brick pattern to create an enduring design that can enhance the overall beauty of your bathroom. Moreover, you can add some twists because the style allows you to use your creativity still. 

In addition, you can even stack up the tiles in a linear design to achieve a stylish and more contemporary design in the bathroom. And if you want to highlight the subway tiles, you need to use a different color of the grout to surround each tile to add a bold look to the subway tile design.


5. Use an extra mosaic accent wall for more magic

Use an extra mosaic accent wall for more magic

Apart from the subway style, you can try out a mosaic accent pattern on your walls. Otherwise, the conventional manner with the choice of tile pattern selection may become overwhelming and costly at the same time. On the other hand, you can even mix an expensive tile within a box of two or a less pricey one. Moreover, you can try this on the shower stall to create a very effective placement. Remember that the style of your bathroom tiles has the power to recreate your style.


3 Timeless Trends of Bathroom Tiles

An all-white bathroom has every reason to love it, from its reflective power and a flattering overall look. Moreover, if you need to create a unique style, we have provided three notable trends for designing white bathroom tiles in the home interior.


1. Herringbone


The herringbone tile pattern is an age-long pattern that has continued to trend for a classic look. It can work appropriately for both the floor to the ceiling and any other part of the home. On the other hand, you can adjust the herringbone pattern by adding a flip to its side.


2. Straight Set

Straight Set

If you choose to go by a mid-century or modern style, you can consider stacking up some white tiles in a horizontal or vertical pattern. Moreover, if you hope to make the white color pop out, you can choose a contrasting floor tile color.


3. Pattern play

Pattern play

It is one thing to decide on the pattern or shape, and it is another to figure out how things work. It is almost impossible to go wrong with a white tile. One exciting pattern to try is a hexagon style that goes well for bathrooms for both the wall and the floor. 



We hope that this article contains beneficial information for inspiration to make adequate plans. In other words, when looking for bathroom tiles to meet your needs, then you should check out some of the style ideas and product items in our store. Moreover, we have also provided some top favorite articles you can read about from our site.