Bathroom Tile Ideas

Are you stuck for bathroom tile ideas? If so, this post came along at just the right time.

Today, there are literally thousands of different styles of bathroom tiles available. (We should know because we supply most of them!)

Here are some specific tile ideas to inspire your next bathroom renovation. Check them out below. 

Quartz Effect

quartz bathroom tile

Quartz effect tiles look great in any room, but they are particularly attractive in the bathroom. In this example, you can see the beautiful strains in the rock making their way across the tiles. This helps to make the shower walls look less monolithic and more welcoming. It’s the complete opposite of a gents changing room!

Of course, if you want to go for real quartz, you can. Just make sure you’ve got the budget for it.

Old-School Retro

old school bathroom tile idea

If you want to recreate your grandparents’ bathroom, this could be the perfect option. Just look at those chequered black and white tiles on the floor. It’s like something out of the 1950s!

Of course, in this example, the owner has really made it work. They’ve gotten rid of the original fittings and replaced them with some handsome alternatives. And they’ve been sensible by making the rest of the room neutral and adding a few token pot plants here and there.

Subway Tiles

white subway tiles

Take a look at the way this homeowner has used subway tiles as part of the bath shroud. Pretty cool, right? 

It looks like you’ve just stepped off a New York subway platform and then, magically, your bathtub has appeared in the wall in front of you, waiting for you to take off your clothes and slip into it. 

As you can see, subway tiles create a stunning visual effect because of how tightly they pack together. The retro colouring makes them even more convincing. And, again, you can soften their appearance with plenty of plants.

Herringbone Tiles

herringbone tiles

Herringbone tiles follow a unique pattern often found on hardwood floors. Just look at how it complements the rest of the room  

Herringbone adds a touch of sophistication to the lavatory. And when you mix and match slightly different tile shades, as shown here, it creates an even more dramatic effect. It gives the bathroom balance and poise, something you don’t get if you eschew all organic elements. It also has an incredibly clean finish and contrasts beautifully with the quartz on the adjacent wall. 

Most homeowners use herringbone tiles for statement walls, as shown here. But you’re free to use yours in whatever way you please. 

Clean And Simple

simple bathroom tile

If fancy bathrooms aren’t your style, you might want to try something a little more clean and simple. This brick-effect design is the perfect choice for that and brings you right back down to earth straight away. The retro feel of the shower makes it quite masculine. And the white tiles contrast quite nicely with the chrome shower attachment and fittings.

Stone Effect

stone effect bathroom tile

This stone effect statement wall in an otherwise neutral bathroom is also an excellent example of what you can achieve. Unlike most other tiles, this particular wall has a three-dimensional quality. Stones appear to jut out at all angles, like on hedgerow walls in Britain’s Yorkshire Dales. 

Use this option if you want to add a little texture to your bathroom. Avoid the temptation to use cheap plastic panels that offer the same visual effect. They’re never as good as the real thing. 

Italianate Tiles

italianate bathroom tile

Italians are masters of style and sophistication. And this shows up in their tiles. This particular example has a diagonalised diamond design with embellishments at all the vertices. The interior designer has been particularly clever to include an emulsion-painted bare brick wall to the rear to make the bathroom more relatable. What do you think?

Terrazzo Tiles

terrazzo tile

Arty-farty types might want to try terrazzo tiles. Like Italianate, these add an air of sophistication and luxury to the bathroom. And the fact that they contain little flecks of multicoloured rock always keeps them interesting and prevents everything from looking perfectly geometric and structured.

Natural Stone Effect

Lastly, the natural stone in this example beautifully complements the copper bath and minimalist aesthetic. Again, you’ll notice that the designer only chose to put the stone effect on one wall: the others are neutral. 

Stone effect gives the room a certain robust and strong atmosphere. Again, it’s a masculine aesthetic and works well if there’s another bathroom in your home that’s more feminine. 


So there you have it: our bathroom tile ideas. Which did you enjoy the most and why? Were there any that didn’t work for you? Let us know.